Wall Lights

Wall Lighting

    Wall Sconces are a great way to add life to a boring wall. They can be used to create a focal point around a fireplace or artwork or to simply light up a darker area of the room. By illuminating from the sides of a room you can create a warm inviting atmosphere in any setting making wall sconces a great accent lighting option for any room in the home.

    A single bulb wall sconce on either side of a bed leave the bed side table uncluttered while still adding warm soft convenient lighting. Single bulb wall sconces are also perfect in a small living room or dining room; create a cozy reading spot by your favorite chair or add a bit of elegance by placing one on either side of a china cabinet. Multi-bulb wall sconces are well suited to larger areas or spaces that more light require but a soft warm atmosphere is desired. A hallway is an ideal place for two-bulb sconces, placed every few feet, they will adequately light the hallway creating a safer place to walk while adding sophistication and interest. Single bulb or multi-bulb wall sconces are perfectly suited for bathroom lighting around a mirror or cabinet.