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Landscape Lighting FAQ's

Why Landscape Lighting?


Aesthetic Benefits

  • Safety: Good lighting on steps, walks and driveways help avoid accidents
  • Security: Floodlighting and other landscape lighting will deter prowlers and vandals
  • Investment: Grounds which are dramatically lighted at night look like a luxurious estate, increasing the resale value of your property


Practical Benefits

  • Show off the beauty of your home after dark
  • Highlight favorite flowers and shrubs
  • Dramatize trees, pool, fountains and masonry texture
  • Accent statuary and other focal points
  • Relax in your backyard or entertain on your patio or deck


Basic Landscape Lighting

Why Use Low Voltage & What Is It?


Voltage = the measurement of the rate at which energy is drawn from a source that produces a flow of electricity in a circuit. A typical outlet is rated and should be 120V or what's known as 'line voltage'.


Low voltage is typically rated at 12 volts.


A 12-volt system, which requires a transformer, has a number of advantages for the average or smaller property:

  • Simple do-it-yourself project; lower overall cost
  • More energy-efficient and often more light output per watt
  • Little or no risk of shock or other electrical hazard
  • Minimum disturbance to lawn and garden (Cable can be buried without conduit and junction boxes or it can be left above ground)
  • Easy relocation of fixtures when desired