About Chandeliers

Chandelier Basics


Proper room lighting in your home is as essential as the furnishings. You can use chandeliers around your home as beautiful centerpieces and make bold and elegant statements



chandelier in the entrance, foyer, dining room, and vanity room makes a statement about you. Adding a chandelier with matching sconces adds beauty and drama and surrounds you with warmth and security in the bedroom and master bath. Whether you choose a romantic or dramatic chandelier as the focal point, it enhances the splendor of your fine furnishings and when the light is dimmed, a soft, glowing atmosphere similar to candlelight is created. Or you may choose a chandelier that has a down-light, to provide task lighting and accent lighting. A chandelier can make a small room look open and airy, and large rooms appear cozy and inviting. It can create a stimulating atmosphere for a night of entertaining, or a quiet feeling of relaxation after a long, tiring day. In so many ways, lighting can make a difference. Lighting Showplace only carries the top chandeliers made by the top brands in the industry. Shop here.



Chandeliers for a dining room are the most popular choice because they are a beautiful centerpiece. The chandelier creates mood for evening meals and provides ample light for projects, especially when it's controlled by a dimmer switch. Leave their bulbs exposed or add shades for a tailored look, changing their colors to suit different events and seasons. String garlands through their arms to dress them up for holidays.

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Chandeliers for other rooms should be placed higher than 7 feet above the floor in the middle of the room or foyer for maximum safety and aesthetics. Optimal placement would be either 8 or 9 feet from the floor.


Lighting is the single most effective means for creating dramatic effect and mood throughout your home. From parties to work projects and hot baths. The key to creating a lighting plan that emphasizes mood is layering. Good lighting is a mix of ambient, task and accent lights which create zones within a room and lets you control the atmosphere to suit your activities. Supplement overhead lights with multiple sources of soft, low light using lamps, candles and task lights with different brightness settings or a dimmer switch.


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