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Chandeliers have been a cultural staple to represent class, extravagance, and pure beauty. Designed to be the centerpiece of a ballroom, a grand building, or your foyer. our eyes love to be drawn to the brilliance of a chandelier; whether it is a traditional crystal chandelier, a dressy mini chandelier, or a reinvented modern masterpiece, we are naturally drawn to them.

How have chandeliers changed today?

Lighting designers and manufacturers have recreated and redesigned the basics on what defines a chandelier. Whether the designer rethought the materials needed, the shape, or completely reinvented the look and feel, chandeliers can now serve as the art piece and the room's focal point. Let lighting recreate the look of your home, and you can, then, recreate comfortable living to look absolutely spectacular.

How to Shop for a Chandelier

There are several ways to start looking for the perfect chandelier. One of the most important steps you can make is deciding on the perfect size. We all want to make a bold statement by incorporating a magnificent chandelier, but we do not want to install the wrong size. An over sized chandelier can detract from you interior design goals. So make sure to check out the chandelier sizing guide here.

Another important decision is choosing the type of chandelier, such as a mini chandelier, a mid-sized one, or one for your foyer.

We, at LightingShowplace.com, make it easy for you to shop by size and number of lights. This can help you to make sure the chandelier size will fit great in your home, office, or venue.

Once you know the size you need, you can choose the style and the look you know will wow your guests. Whether you want the traditional and timeless style or the modern and magnificent style, you can explore all of our options here.

We want to ensure that your chandelier shopping experience is enjoyable and easy, so make sure you take advantage of the specific subcategories above.