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World Imports Lighting Timeless Elegance Ceiling FixtureLighting for the home is designed to provide brightness, and it should also add visual appeal. If you prefer lighting that's more on the decorative side, then World Imports lighting is for you.WorldImports indoor and outdoor lighting is available at

Since 1967, World Imports has been providing its customers with lighting placed at a higher standard of beauty and functionality. World Imports has remained committed to offering sophistication in its interior and exterior lighting, and homeowners and professional designers have helped to make this brand an industry favorite. Whether it's French countryside beauty, English Manor elegance, or modern European style, World Imports offers interior and exterior lighting to upgrade any location. Choose from bathroom lighting, ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, island fixtures, pendants, wall lights, and a host of complementary outdoor lighting.

Indoor Lighting

Bathroom lighting should be fun and functional. World Imports bathroom lighting provides flattering light to begin and end your day by. These fixtures are available with one, two, three, and four lights. The smaller lights are ideal for placement on the wall of the bathroom, and larger fixtures provide the perfect light over the bathroom mirror. Look for many World Imports bathroom fixtures to be reversible, for up- and down-lighting capabilities.

World Imports Contemporay Light PendantCeiling fixtures are found in just about every room, and a World Imports ceiling fixture is a true upgrade. These flushmount and semi-flushmount ceiling fixtures are perfect for placement throughout the home, including the hallway, guest room, kitchen, laundry room, entryway, and home office.

If you're searching for a light fixture that provides the best brightness for a larger space, it has to be the chandelier. World Imports chandeliers feature design elements that add a huge amount of visual appeal, and they can easily become a focal point in any room. Chandeliers from World Imports are available in a number of sizes, as large as three tiers and 21 lights (perfect in a great room or entryway) and as small as a three-light mini chandelier (ideal over a breakfast nook).

Island fixtures add a distinct look and style wherever they're placed. World Imports island fixtures are perfect when placed over a longer setting, like a dining room table, kitchen island, or billiard table (these lights are also called billiard fixtures). A few island fixtures from World Imports are also available as functioning pot racks, allowing you to hang the pots and pans you use the most where they're most convenient.

Choose a World Imports pendant, and you're choosing a light that instantly upgrades any room. Whether it's the single-light mini pendant for task lighting, or a bowl pendant for more light in a larger space, these fixtures feature design elements that offer sophistication and elegance.

A World Imports wall sconce is perhaps the perfect light. When it's placed in a hallway, it provides just the right amount of light so you don't always have to use a ceiling light. And when it's placed in a larger space, like a bathroom or great room, it can be the ideal complementary light source. Wall sconces from World Imports come with up to four lights and many are reversible.World Imports Lighting Revere Ceiling Fixture

Outdoor Lighting

World Imports outdoor lighting accomplishes many things for the home. The brightness it provides increases visibility around the home, which offers higher security. It can also add beauty to the home's exterior, and boost the home's curb appeal and overall value.

Outdoor wall sconces are the most popular outdoor lights, and their brightness is the ideal way to make an unforgettable first impression. Outdoor pendants and outdoor ceiling fixtures provide the ideal complementary light, and outdoor post lights illuminate any possible trouble spots around your front yard while welcoming your guests.

An interior or exterior light should provide more than just illumination. World Imports lighting adds style and amazing beauty through its choice of European-inspired design elements. You can find World Imports lighting at


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