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Energy Star Lighting, recycled materials, low voltage and Title 24 compliant fixtures are just some of the ways we give you to find that perfect light fixture. But what if you want to browse all energy efficient wall lights or chandeliers? Well, we've got you covered there too! Check out Lighting Showplace Sustainable Lighting for a quick and easy way to stay green while saving some at the same time!

Go Green…Save Money!

Being "Green" in the home starts with the little things. Small changes and eco-conscious purchases over time add up to a big impact. Using eco-friendly products such as energy efficient lighting, is one of the easiest steps you can take to make a difference in our environment. An added bonus is the money you'll save with lower energy bills. Start by replacing the lighting that you use the most; kitchen ceiling lights, family room lamps and outdoor lighting. Just replacing these lighting fixtures with more energy efficient models can make a big difference in your home's energy usage. Watch your energy bill drop!

Will going green help the environment? You bet it will!

Consider this: If every home in the United States replaced their 5 most frequently used lighting fixtures with energy efficient models we would save almost $8 billion annually in energy costs. We would also prevent the equivalent of greenhouse gasses from almost 10 million cars from going into the atmosphere. Now, that's a big impact!

Energy Star Lighting

Energy Star Ligthing

Energy Star is a government program that was set up to reduce the amount of energy American's were using. Energy Star qualified products must meet strict energy usage guidelines in order to earn the Energy Star seal. Lighting Show Place proudly sells beautiful Energy Star products from the top manufacturers in the industry.

Title 24 Copliant Lighting

Title 24 Copliant Lighting

Title 24 is the state of California's energy efficient building practice legislation. All products that receive the Title 24 compliancy meet California's strict regulations for building code.

Dark Sky Lighting

Dark Sky Lighting

Traditional outdoor lighting creates a great deal of light pollution in the night sky. Dark Sky lighting aims to keep the light only in its intended area therefore allowing the natural environment to go on uninterrupted.


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