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Use this field to narrow by the most that you would like to pay for your new fixture.

Special Features

Special Features

Energy Star

Energy Star Rated Fixtures:

Energy Star is a government-backed program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.

ADA Certified

ADA compliant:

ADA complaint fixtures are those that do not extend from the wall more than 4", helping to provide a safe and accessable environment for disabled Americans.

Bulbs Included

Bulbs Included:

Use this field to select fixtures that include the bulbs with the purchase of your new outdoor wall lights.

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor:

Select this option to view fixtures that are equipped with a motion sensor device.

Photocell / Dusk to Dawn

Photocell / Dusk to Dawn:

Photocells, also known as "Dusk to Dawn," is a feature on some outdoor wall lights that control whether the fixture is illuminated. Save energy with photocells by making sure that your outdoor wall lights are only on when you need them.

Sconce Size

Sconce Size

Small Wall Lights

Small Wall Lights:

Small outdoor wall lights will generally only consist of a single bulb and are usually smaller than 12" in width.

Medium Wall Lights

Medium Wall Lights:

Medium / Mid-Sized wall lights generally have 2 or more lights and can be up to 24" in width and height.

Large Wall Lights

Large Wall Lights:

Large outdoor wall lights usually use 3 or more bulbs and can come in sizes up to 36" (3 feet) in height.

Single Flood Lights

Single Flood Lights:

A single flood light fixture usually comes with a tapered shade. Some fixtures will include motion sensors for added security.

Double Flood Lights

Double Flood Lights:

A single flood light fixture usually comes with a double tapered shade. Some fixtures will include motion sensors for added security.

Rectangular Security Lights

Rectangular Security Lights:

Rectangular security lights usually use high pressure bulbs to burn extremely bright. These fixtures are great to couple with motion sensors for added security in your driveway, backyard or anywhere else.

UL Listing

UL Listing

UL Wet

UL Wet Location:

Wet rated wall lights can be placed in locations where they will be in direct contact with water.

UL Damp

UL Damp Location:

Damp rated wall lights are designed to be installed in locations where they will not be in direct contact with water but may experience damp conditions due to condensation or other indirect water contact.

UL Dry

UL Dry Location:

Dry location fixtures should only be installed in locations where they will experience no contact with water



Narrowing by Finish

Shopping by Finish

Because there are so many unique finishes offered by the manufacturers we carry, we have grouped them into common tones to more easily allow you to find the finish you're looking for.



Whether you have a favorite lighting brand or are trying to match lighting that you currently own, you can use this field to narrow your selection down to your preferred outdoor lighting manufacturer.

Direction of Light

Direction of Light

Ambient Light Outdoor Wall Light

Ambient Lighting

Ambient Light is designed to splay light in all directions and is usually good for close to ceiling applications.

Down Lighting Outdoor Wall Light

Down Lighting

Down Lighting directs light downwards by using open or glass bottom shades to minimize the amount of light that is projected upwards towards the ceiling.

Up / Down Lighting Outdoor Wall Light

Up / Down Lighting

Up / Down Lighting or convertible fixtures are designed to be mounted either way. Although some fixtures may only be pictured in one direction, these fixtures will have specialized shade mounting hardware to eliminate the possibility of the shade detaching from the fixture as well as compensate for heat displament when mounted downward.

Up Lighting Outdoor Wall Light

Up Lighting

Up Lighting is a quite common form of outdoor wall lighting and although the light is being directed upwards will still provide ample illumination for many applications.

Bulb Type

Bulb Type

Compact Fluorescent (CFL)

Compact Fluorescent (CFL)

CFL bulbs are more and more frequently becoming the norm in the American household. With their long life span and bright shades CFL's are always a good option if you want a fixture that performs and saves you money every year.



Fluorescent tubes are uncommon in outdoor lighting but, when available, come in many different styles such as the most common T4 and T5 bulbs.



Halogen bulbs are known for their brightness and long life spans. Although these bulbs get quite hot they are a good solution if you are looking for ample amounts of light.

Incandescent or Fluorescent

Incandescent or Fluorescent

We have combined all the fixtures that can use either a CFL or a standard incandescent bulb into one simple location so you can choose whether you would like a more traditional setup or an energy saving CFL configuration.

Xenon / Krypton

Xenon / Krypton

Much like their halogen counterparts are extremely bright bulbs with long lifespans that will use a Xenon or Krypton gas inside the bulb.

Number of Bulbs

Number of Bulbs

Selecting the Number of Bulbs

Selecting the Number of Bulbs

Use this section to select the number of bulbs that you prefer your fixture to have. Once you select a given range you will be able to narrow it down further to a specific number of bulbs.

For example, if you are shopping for a 2 light fixture you will want to select "0-3 Lights", and then "2 Bulbs" in the "Bulb Count" section on the next screen.

Bulb Count