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  • Shop Varaluz Bathroom Fixtures
    Varaluz Bathroom Fixtures

    Varaluz bathroom fixtures are completely unique in style and form. Bring quality and elegance into your bathroom design.

  • Shop Varaluz Ceiling Fixtures
    Varaluz Ceiling Fixtures

    Varaluz semi-flush ceiling fixtures provide instant inspiration. Created in different lighting styles that will become the center of your artistic presentation.

  • Shop Varaluz Chandeliers
    Varaluz Chandeliers

    Varaluz chandeliers offer an amazing option compared to the old standard chandelier design. With completely unique styles by collection, and geometrically pleasing shapes, Varaluz has created the next generation of dining room lighting.

  • Shop Varaluz Island / Billiard Fixtures
    Varaluz Island / Billiard Fixtures

    Varaluz island and billiard fixtures are a world apart from the standard. Pieces from the Affinity and Rain Collections create a new standard for island lighting.

  • Shop Varaluz Pendants
    Varaluz Pendants

    Varaluz mini, bowl, and foyer pendants come in a large range of styles, shapes, and colors. Decorate your kitchen, foyer, and living room with vibrant glass and appeal.

  • Shop Varaluz Wall Lights
    Varaluz Wall Lights

    Varaluz wall lights represent the modern world in style and artistic flow. These wall sconces are individual expressions of contemporary lighting.

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