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Troy Indoor Lighting Indoor Lighting

  • Shop Bathroom Fixtures
    Troy Lighting Bathroom Fixtures Bathroom Fixtures

    Troy Lighting is know for exceptional lighting and when it comes to design Troy Lighting Bath Lights are one of kind! With extra detail and classic lines, these lights will be a eye catcher for your bathroom.

  • Shop Ceiling Fixtures
    Troy Lighting Ceiling Fixtures Ceiling Fixtures

    Ceiling lights are a must have in your home, Troy Lighting Ceiling Lights whether it’s a semi-flush mount or a flush mount, Troy Lighting has what your looking for!

  • Shop Chandeliers
    Troy Lighting Chandeliers Chandeliers

    Nothing can compete with Troy Lighting Chandeliers. Catering to every theme, from Rustic to Contemporary!

  • Shop Island / Billiard Fixtures
    Troy Lighting Island / Billiard Fixtures Island / Billiard Fixtures

    Troy Lighting Island Lights can illuminate your kitchen our island bar with dramatic effect. Many different styles and finishes to choose from.

  • Shop Pendants
    Troy Lighting Pendants Pendants

    Whether you want a mini or bowl pendant, Troy Lighting Pendants have a little of everything to match your home décor. Elegant designs with smooth flowing lines.

  • Shop Wall Lights
    Troy Lighting Wall Lights Wall Lights

    Troy Lighting brings into light their Wall Sconces, with excellent detail to fine lines and crystal accents many pieces allow Troy Lighting Wall Sconces to be a center piece.

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