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The name Philips is synonymous with excellence for both electronics and lighting. And when it comes to residential lighting, nothing else compares to Philips' innovative and energy-efficient lighting designs.Philips lighting changes the way you modernize or light your home or commercial space. carries Philips lighting fixtures that can be featured in a number of applications. From commercial grade fixtures to energy-efficient residential fixtures, Philips is one of the most trusted names in the lighting industry. The beautiful and contemporary designs developed by Philips can give virtually any living space an instant upgrade with the mere addition of more lighting.

Philips lighting has quality bulbs for residential and commercial lighting applications. Whether you are looking for the classic incandescent light bulb or the more energy-efficient LED bulb, our selection of Philips light bulbs will surely fit your Philips lighting needs here at

Philips Lighting Selection

Philips 37340Efficient lighting is one of Philips' specialties, including its amazing 12-watt dimmable LED bulb. This LED bulb has an expected life span of 25,000 hours, which is nearly three years if you were to run the bulb continuously 24 hours a day. Philips LED lighting selection is some of the best out there from their uber modern pendants, such as the Philips 37340, or their futuristic wall sconces, such as the Philips 33603. Their LED lighting reinvents the way lighting should function, look, and illuminate.

Philips ceiling lights are an incredibly versatile form of lighting. Flushmount ceiling fixtures are mounted right up against the ceiling, while semi-flushmount fixtures hang down a few inches by a rod. Either way, ceiling lights are ideal for the home office, bedroom, or hallway.

A wall sconce is another fabulously versatile light, and Philips wall sconces help make any living space memorable. Philips applies the latest efficiency technologies to these lights that are ideal for any hallway or entryway. Choose from a wall sconce with one, two, or three lights.

Pendant lighting is a great way to brighten a room, whether it is a necessary primary light source or a secondary light source. A single light pendant provides task lighting, and Philips' multi-light pendants open more light up to the rest of the room. Philips pendants bring an even more modern design to an already contemporary styled fixture.

More Philips Lighting

Philips 40153And if you are talking about versatile lighting, you have to consider lamps by Philips.

Philips floor lamps provide just as much illumination as they do style. Choose the floor lamp style for a more general lighting experience. Whether you are looking to light up an entire area or provide more light for particular activities, a floor lamp helps you achieve more lighting as if you are installing an over head ceiling light.

If you are looking to add lighting to illuminate a particular area or add just a extra touch of light next to a chair, then table lamps by Philips offer a nice secondary light source. Table lamps can easily double as a decor item or accent piece. Their portability allows you to change up your room's decor style and lighting style every so often.

Or maybe you are looking to enhance your child's bedroom? Consider adding one the many fun and youthful lighting fixtures from Philips. Whether your child enjoys animals, space, bugs, etc., Philips youth lighting can change the way you think about lighting their bedroom. Explore the wide range of eclectic fixtures from ceiling fixtures to pendants.

Philips is a brand trusted for residential, commercial, and hospitality lighting settings around the globe. Be sure to shop Philips at for energy efficient lighting available in modern and contemporary designs.


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