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  • Shop by Style
    Shop Light Fixtures by Style

    Know your style but not sure exactly what type of light you want? Shop our "Lighting by Style" category and find the exact fixture you want to match the existing style in your home. Whether you are looking for a Modern or Traditional, Mission / Craftsman or Rustic, Lighting Showplace makes finding your new fixture a breeze!

  • Shop by Room
    Shop Light Fixtures by Room

    Whether you are shopping for a light for over your dining room, living room, bedroom or office, Lighting Showplace's "Lighting by Room" category makes finding the perfect light an easy task. Simply select your room, from there we've partitioned the categories into product types that make finding the right fixture for the right spot about as easy as it gets.

  • Shop by Sustainable Features
    Shop Light Fixtures by Sustainable Features

    Energy Star Lighting, recycled materials, low voltage and Title 24 compliant fixtures are just some of the ways we give you to find that perfect light fixture. But what if you want to browse all energy efficient wall lights or chandeliers? Well, we've got you covered there too! Check out Lighting Showplace Sustainable Lighting for a quick and easy way to stay green while saving some at the same time!

  • Shop Energy Star Lighting
    Energy Savings - Energy Star Lighting

    Energy Star is a government program that was set up to reduce the amount of energy American's were using. Energy Star qualified products must meet strict energy usage guidelines in order to earn the Energy Star seal. Lighting Show Place proudly sells beautiful Energy Star products from the top manufacturers in the industry.

  • Shop by Finish
    Shop Lights by Finish by Finish

    Bronze, Nickel and Brass fixtures are just some of the sections you can browse in this section. If you have a finish (color) in mind but are not sure about the overall design, Lighting Showplace's "Lighting by Finish" is perfect for you! Come and shop by the finish and be sure that your new fixture will flow flawlessly with existing lighting in your home.

  • Shop by Bulb Type
    Shop Light Fixtures by Bulb Type

    You say you want a new bathroom fixture or chandelier and it MUST use a CFL, or halogen, or incandescent or any other type of bulb? Well this is the perfect spot for you to start your journey to "illumination."

    We've grouped our fixtures into categories based on the types of bulb(s) that they use, so whether your goal is to stay green, stay original or to meet job standards, Lighting Showplace and shopping by Bulb Type makes that process less of a headache for you.

  • Shop Bulbs
    Shop Light Fixture Bulbs

    No matter what type of bulb you are searching for, Lighting Showplace makes finding that "one-off" bulb a simple task. There is no need to wander around some Big-Box Store's aisles for hours looking for the bulb you need. Shop categories like the ones listed below and find your bulbs and get on with your day!

    • Bulb Packs
    • Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
    • Fluorescent Bulbs
    • Halogen Bulbs
    • Incandescent Bulbs
    • Krypton / Xenon Bulbs
    • LED Bulbs
    • Reflector Bulbs
  • Shop Dimmers & Switches
    Shop Light Fixture Dimmers & Switches

    Switches & Dimmers are something we often forget about, when purchasing lighting, despite how necessary they are. Why wait to buy a dimmer or switch until after you have your light when you can take care of them both at the same time?

    Check out Lighting Showplaces Dimmers and Switches category for top names in every configuration you can imagine. Whether you want a traditional toggle style switch or a specialty dimmer from Lutron, we have everything you need to complete the last step in converting your old boring lighting into a new beautiful landscape.

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    Employee Favorite Products

    Hear It From The Pros

    "The Quoizel DW5005 Five Light Chandelier is guaranteed to deliver some 'WOW!' factor to your guests this holiday season. Superior quality and unique design in an elegant form make this chandelier on of my favorites."

    -Jared Gilmore

  • Shop Lighting Info Center
    Lighting Info Center

    Lighting Showplace's Lighting Info Center is your one stop shop for answers, suggestions, tips, trick and ideas for your home. Check out articles in sections like Lighting Buying Guides, Mini Makeovers, Lighting Basics and more!


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