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About Lithonia Lighting

There's only one leader in providing residential lighting, and that brand name is Lithonia Lighting. Steered by its long-term commitment to providing sustainable lighting solutions for the entire home, Lithonia Lighting is the industry-leading manufacturer of residential indoor and outdoor lighting. And all of Lithonia Lighting's products can be found at Lighting 11241DP RE

Lithonia Lighting fixtures have rightly earned the reputation as having remarkable quality, reliability, and solid performance. Lithonia's commitment to providing sustainable lighting for the entire home is the backdrop of its entire lighting selection. For more than 60 years, Lithonia has followed this credo of energy-saving lighting, and it plans on doing so in the future. If you're looking for Lithonia lighting fixtures, choose from chandeliers, bathroom fixtures, ceiling fixtures, pendants, wall sconces, under cabinet lighting, island lighting, outdoor lighting, and energy-efficient fluorescent lighting.

The lighting created by Lithonia have three things in mind: providing the optimal light for the space its placed in, adding visual appeal to the room, and efficiency. All of these can be seen in its chandelier selection. From the three-light mini chandelier (ideal for placement above a breakfast nook or kitchen island) to the larger fixtures that are perfect for an entryway, bedroom, or above a dining room table, Lithonia chandeliers are the perfect blend of form and function. Be sure to look for the wide range of styles, finish options, and ENERGY STAR-rated fixtures.

Lithonia Lighting Options

Another style of lighting that might be overlooked, but is essential, are fluorescents. Lithonia fluorescents add more than just brightness. These are rectangular in shape and are ideal for placement in your kitchen or garage. Lithonia makes fluorescent lights fun and classy in a multitude of designs and styles. Lithonia is truly commitment to energy-saving lighting fixtures. These strip lights look fantastic and save energy and money.

Lithonia Lighting OFL 300/500QYou can also add flood lights to Lithonia's fine selection of outdoor lighting. These flood lights vary in style, appearance, and brightness. Lithonia flood lights also include a number of helpful and energy-saving features like photo cells and motion sensors, and many are ENERGY STAR rated for added savings.

Bathroom lighting is designed to provide a flattering and satisfying light for all times of the day. Lithonia bathroom lighting take advantage of this opportunity with fixtures in two different styles. Vanity lights come with up to four lights, and are meant to be placed above the bathroom mirror, or even right next to the bathroom door. Many Lithonia vanity bathroom fixtures are reversible for up- or down-lighting. Lithonia also features a wide range of bathroom strip lighting. Again, these are placed above the bathroom mirror, and these also boast ENERGY STAR ratings.

Ceiling lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, and Lithonia ceiling fixtures provide perfect lighting with maximum good looks and energy savings. Ceiling lighting can go in practically any living space, including the kitchen, guest bedroom, bathroom, hallway, entryway, home office, and laundry room. Ceiling fixtures from Lithonia are available in flush mount and semi-flush mount varieties.

Another way Lithonia provides excellent light in a living space is with a pendant. These fixtures also come in two different styles, each with its own distinct purpose. Mini pendants feature just a single light, and they're ideal for task lighting. Bowl pendants, meanwhile, utilize multiple lights and employ a bowl-shaped glass shade to spread its light. Lithonia Lighting 11990 GG

If you're wondering what the most versatile indoor light is, consider it the wall sconce. These great little fixtures from Lithonia can be placed in a larger room as a secondary light source, or to highlight something (like a cherished piece of art), and they can also brighten up a dark hallway. Lithonia wall sconces come with one light, and they are reversible for added versatility.

Under cabinet lighting is one of the most under-used forms of lighting in the home. Lithonia under cabinet lighting provides ample task lighting for the tasks at the kitchen counter, giving you just what you require without the need to turn on unnecessary lights. Under cabinet lighting from Lithonia is easy to install, easy to maintain, and is incredibly energy efficient. No wonder it's quickly becoming one of the most popular additions to a home's kitchen.

Lithonia outdoor lighting accomplishes a few things with ease. With a wide range of styles of outdoor lighting, it provides additional visibility. And this visibility adds to the security level at your home's exterior. Lastly, outdoor lighting from Lithonia adds instant curb appeal and value to your home. Lithonia outdoor lighting includes outdoor wall sconces and outdoor ceiling fixtures.

When you're ready to add energy-efficient lighting to add the perfect brightness and visual appeal, you're ready to shop for Lithonia Lighting. Browse Lithonia Lighting fixtures at