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    Unique and beautiful, LBL Lighting's bathroom lighting are sure to impress.

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    Featuring beautiful glass and unique designs, LBL Lighting's ceiling fixtures are a made of high quality materials and are highly valued around the world.

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    LBL Lighting's unique ability to allow customization of its chandeliers sets it apart from its competition. Create your own design, make it yours with LBL Lighting.

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    LBL Lighting Pendants are both beautiful and highly valued. Unique glass, superb design and a vast selection of styles puts LBL Lighting at the forefront of Pendant lighting.

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    LBL Lighting is regarded as one of the best lighting manufacturers in the industry. From their unique designs to vast selection, LBL Lighting's track lights can be customized to fit any d├ęcor.

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    LBL Lighting Wall Lights are as beautiful as they are unique. Modern and functional designs are evident in the design, making LBL one of the most unique lighting lines on the market.

About LBL Lighting

Choosing the lighting for your home should be an exciting project. And LBL Lighting makes sure your excitement continues long after the lights are in their places. LBL Lighting products are available at

When it comes to contemporary-themed indoor and outdoor lighting, no brand comes close to the amazing looks of LBL Lighting. LBL is a Generations brand company, a group that includes such esteemed names as Murray Feiss, Monte Carlo, and Sea Gull Lighting. Since 1971, LBL Lighting has designed remarkably artistic indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures for American homes. Every LBL fixture celebrates the artistic nature of lighting and includes amazing products that are richly saturated with intense color. These lights are crafted to make a design statement, and they will. LBL Lighting products at include pendants, track lighting, chandeliers, wall sconces, ceiling lights, and outdoor lighting.

LBL Lighting Straight Rail Monorail System Kit

About LBL Track Lighting

LBL Lighting pendants are true works of art, with stunning colors painted into each glass shade for a unique look. LBL single-light mini pendants offer optimal task lighting, while bowl pendants use a bowl-shaped glass shade to provide light for a larger area.

Of the many different ways to brighten a living space, track lighting is arguably the most unique and versatile. Track lighting systems include bendable tracks to allow for customized location, and many of the lights can be fixed to point in any direction. LBL Lighting track lighting can help provide a focal point in the kitchen, great room, or home office.

When you are getting your track lighting system together, LBL includes lighting options like track pendants and track heads. Track pendants (single-light mini pendants) hang down from the track, and help to create a visually stunning environment. Track heads, on the other hand, are mounted right up at the track, and can be fixed to point light in virtually any direction. This helps to make LBL track lighting systems practically customizable.

And LBL Lighting also features a host of helpful and coordinated track lighting accessories. These products will help you round out and further individualize your track lighting system. Choose from LBL track lighting accessories like additional lengths of track, individual glass shades, and transformers.

The LBL MonoRail collection makes shopping for track lighting easier. You simply choose the straight rail and pick which track head works better in your home. The LBL Lighting HD474 is available in six different finishes with a simple track head. The LBL Lighting HD475 MRL, however, comes is a multitude of finishes and a large selection of different looking track heads from a modern brushed nickel look to a artistic colored glass look. Make track lighting a easy choice and consider the LBL MonoRail series.

Other LBL Lighting

LBL Lighting A chandelier is arguably the easiest and most effective way to brighten up a large living space. LBL Lighting chandeliers are ideal for areas like the dining room, great room, entryway and kitchen, and bring unprecedented style. These fixtures use their contemporary theme to create visual appeal and beautiful brightness anywhere you decide to place them.

LBL Lighting wall sconces are versatile little fixtures. They can complement a main light source in a larger room, or give a dark hallway a much-needed boost of light. LBL also features several energy-saving wall sconces, and most of these fixtures feature mouth-blown glass shades for a truly unique appearance.

Look around the rooms in your home, and the chances are good there is a ceiling light in every room. LBL Lighting semi-flushmount ceiling lights provide optimal functionality and striking beauty. Ranging in size from 16 1/2 inches wide to 30 inches wide, LBL ceiling lights allow you to express your creative side in spaces like a hallway, kitchen, bathroom, guest room, home office, and laundry room.

LBL Lighting is dedicated to providing its customers with the most visually appealing and perfectly functional indoor and outdoor lighting you can find. And all LBL Lighting fixtures are available at

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