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  • Eglo 87207A

    Eglo 87207A

    1 X 40W Table Lamp

    $55.00 $44.00
    • Wattage: 40
  • Lite Source LS-20925PS

    Lite Source LS-20925PS

    1 Light Fluorescent Desk Lamp from the Broden Collection

    $132.00 $94.00
    • Height: 16
    • Wattage: 18
  • Lite Source LS-22400

    Lite Source LS-22400

    Galtem 1 Light LED Accent Lamp

    $118.50 $85.00
    • Bulb Type: LED
    • Height: 22
    • Wattage: 6
  • Lite Source LS-22399

    Lite Source LS-22399

    Donati 1 Light LED Swing Arm Table Lamp

    $118.50 $85.00
    • Bulb Type: LED
    • Height: 22
    • Wattage: 5.4
  • Lite Source LS-22396

    Lite Source LS-22396

    Luce 1 Light LED Accent Lamp

    $94.50 $69.00
    • Bulb Type: LED
    • Height: 12
    • Wattage: 3
  • Lite Source LS-22332

    Lite Source LS-22332

    Kyla 1 Light LED Accent Lamp

    $307.50 $211.00
    • Bulb Type: LED
    • Height: 11
    • Wattage: 8
  • Lite Source LS-22290

    Lite Source LS-22290

    Veda 1 Light Boom Arm Lamp with Accent Light

    $247.50 $171.00
    • Bulb Type: LED
    • Height: 25
    • Wattage: 3.78
  • Lite Source LS-21178PS/FRO

    Lite Source LS-21178PS/FRO

    3 Light Table Lamp Polished Steel / Frost Glass Shade from the Kalare Collection

    $246.00 $170.00
    • Wattage: 180
    • Height: 21.5
    • Shade Diameter: 11.25
    • Width: 14
  • Nova Lighting 11516

    Nova Lighting 11516

    62 Inch Floor Lamp with White Fabric / Brushed Nickel Shade from the Brim Collection

    $379.50 $345.00
    • Light Direction: Up Lighting
    • Number Of Bulbs: 1
    • Height: 62
    • Wattage: 100
  • Nova Lighting 11513

    Nova Lighting 11513

    28 Inch White Table Lamp with White Fabric / Brushed Nickel Shade from the Brim Collection

    $250.47 $227.70
    • Wattage: 100
    • Height: 28
    • Width: 14


Imagine, introducing a new lighting fixture to a room without having to put a call in to the electrician. Lamps are one of the easiest fixtures or decor pieces to introduce - lamps literally go anywhere. These stylish fixtures are at home everywhere - on your desk, bedside table, living room end tables, floors, behind the couch or even stuck in the corner. They come in an assortment of styles from traditional and elegant tiffany style lamps to the ultra modern in all metallic or even completely glass designs.

Beautiful lamps can become the focal point as a stand out piece or an idea that the entire room design is based on. Often an overlooked element of the overall design of the room; unfortunately lamps are used more for function than for design. Tall floor lamps or swing arm lamps are a great addition behind a couch or chair, they help extend the room up and visually connect lower furniture to higher features such as wall art and ceiling moldings. Swing arm lamps are a great option for smaller areas as most models take up very little or even no floor or table space and swing out when you need them and away when you don't. Table lamps help illuminate the living room, bedroom, or study for quiet conversations, reading and crafts all well brilliantly tying the room together. A torchiere floor lamp is a fun addition to any room, by lighting up rather than down, it gives a different perspective and beautiful indirect light. Adjustable desk lamps are a wonderful addition to the study or desk for making studying, reading, bill paying and other tasks a little easier.

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Because there are so many unique finishes offered by the manufacturers we carry, we have grouped them into common tones to more easily allow you to find the finish you're looking for.



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Type of Switch

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Bulb Type

Determines the type of bulb used with this lamp. Incandescent bulbs are the most common but the most inefficient. Fluorescent and LED bulbs are most efficient while halogen and xenon provide the best color rendering.

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Number of Bulbs

Total number of bulbs that this fixture uses.

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