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Kichler Lighting is a trusted name in the lighting industry. If you want quality lighting that can become a room's centerpiece or simply add functionality, if you're looking for a fixture to be efficient, and if you're ready for lighting to add to your home's overall value, choose Kichler, proudly offered by

Kichler 42529 Rise Collection Chandelier

Kichler bathroom lighting is designed to brighten the beginning of your day. From one-light fixtures and multi-light pieces to vanity lights and bath bars, Kichler bathroom fixtures provide a perfectly flattering light. Beauty wraps are one of bathroom lighting's newest and easiest ways to spread an even light throughout this living space. With vanity lighting above the mirror augmented by a single-light fixture on either side. This is a design statement as well as beautiful lighting.

Ceiling lighting is a broad term and Kichler offers a wide variety of fixtures. These are practical lights with an eye-catching aesthetic. Flushmount ceiling fixtures hug the ceiling, while semi-flushmount ceiling lights hang down slightly from the ceiling. Kichler ceiling lighting is able to provide enough illumination to be a room's main light source. These fixtures are ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, foyers, kitchens, and closets.

Chandeliers are the most versatile type of lighting for a living space. A Kichler chandelier can act as a functional piece of lighting or they can help create a striking focal point in any room. From a three-light mini chandelier (also sometimes called a chandelette) to a larger multi-tier fixture that can double as functional art for your ceiling, a chandelier is an opportunity to take your décor to new levels. Kichler chandeliers are perfect for the living room, foyer, and bedroom, as well as mini chandeliers for kitchen nooks and larger bathrooms.

Kichler pendants are another very versatile form of lighting, and Kichler has a fabulous selection. Bowl pendants typically provide a wider swath of lighting, while a mini pendant offers a more focused form of task lighting. Either style of pendant lighting is great for nearly any room in the home and can definitely add to the overall décor.

Kichler wall sconces are designed to brighten any wall that sits in a little more darkness. Wall sconces typically add a secondary source of light, and Kichler can certainly improve the style and substance to a room. Add a wall sconce at the front door or bathroom door, along a darkened hallway, or to showcase a piece of art in a family or living room.

Under cabinet lights are a relatively under used form of lighting. Kichler under cabinet lighting is efficient, extremely easy to install, and provides excellent task lighting when that's all you need.

Kichler 300011 Olympia Ceiling Fan

Kichler track lighting is as unique as the living space it's intended to brighten. Choose from three or four light fixtures in a number of different styles and finishes. Kichler track lights can be adjusted to direct light where you want it to go, and it provides a fantastic focal point to a living room, home office, or kitchen.

Lamp lighting is another versatile form of illuminating a room. From the simple and straightforward to the intricate and ornate, Kichler lamps can be used to augment the lighting in any living space. Floor lamps can provide lighting for a larger area, while table lamps can help when all you need is a smaller, more focused area of lighting, like when you're reading in your favorite chair or at an office desk.

Ceiling fans are one of Kichler's specialties. With multiple sizes, decorator-inspired finishes, and versatile wood tones, a Kichler ceiling fan can create an amazing centerpiece to your most popular rooms. Kichler ceiling fans are also extremely efficient, and move air easily. And if you're looking for a ceiling fixture that can move air and provide lighting for a room, a Kichler ceiling fan can do that, too.

Outdoor lighting has quickly become a popular form of lighting in its own right, and Kichler has been there from the start. From wall lights and ceiling lights to pendants and landscape lighting, Kichler outdoor lighting can provide an added layer of decorative illumination for your home's exterior. It can also increase the visibility for your guests and add substantial curb appeal.

Landscape lighting is another Kichler specialty. Kichler landscape lighting is designed to brighten the areas of your yard where people will be walking to ensure safety, like a path, stairs, or a deck. It can also be used to showcase and bring attention to a particular part of your exterior landscape, like a majestic tree, other plant life, or in a water feature.

When your home needs a final touch, Kichler has home accents that can help. From mirrors for the bathrooms and wall art for the entire home to candle holders, chargers, and decorative trays, Kichler home accents are the final pieces of the puzzle that can help complete the look of your home.

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