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  • Shop Bath & Vanity
    Bath & Vanity by Kichler Bath & Vanity

    The Kichler Bath & Vanity is a collection majestic bathroom light fixtures that compliment different types of home decor.

  • Shop Dover
    Kichler Dover Collection Dover

    A timeless design that has been around for ages, with a striking Brushed Nickel finish and etched seedy glass shades.

  • Shop Eileen
    Eileen by Kichler Eileen

    Named after famed furniture designer Eileen Gray, The Kichler Eileen Collection features a clean, straight linear construction with simple glass for a style that is as unique and contemporary as Eileen Gray's.

  • Shop Hendrik
    Kichler Hendrik Collection Hendrik

    Named after renowned Dutch architect, Hendrik Berlage, the Kichler Hendrik Collection is a gorgeous family of contemporary fixtures that honor the man who was regarded by many as the "Father of Modern Architecture."

  • Shop La Mesa
    Kichler La Mesa Collection La Mesa

    The Kichler La Mesa Collection proves that simple design can be just as elegant and sophisticated as larger, more elaborate fixtures. Each fixture utilizes a classic lantern shape.

  • Shop Larissa
    Kichler Larissa Collection Larissa

    The Larissa Collection captures the essence of classical design, whether it's the hand formed steel with our exclusive Tannery Bronze finish, or the gold accents and citrine glass, it is sure to have elements that appeal to even the most critical of tastes.

  • Shop Leeds
    Kichler Leeds Collection Leeds

    The Kichler Leeds Collection has details like fluid intersecting arches with cased opal glass shades. It shows elements that adds both form and function to this beautifully understated style.

  • Shop Olympia
    Olympia by Kichler Olympia

    The Kichler Olympia Collection brings a modern twist on the classic aesthetic to create a new form the likes of which has not been seen before. The curvilinear, flowing arms of these chandeliers, pendants, and wall sconces create a clean, contemporary profile for your home.

  • Shop Path & Spread Light
    Path & Spread Light by Kichler Path & Spread Light

    Add beauty and security to any landscape with Kichler Path & Spread Lighting from the Kichler Landscape Lighting Collection.

  • Shop Seaside
    Kichler Seaside Collection Seaside

    With an aura that is as pure as a sea breeze, the Kichler Seaside Collection offers the homeowner a unique line of outdoor fixtures guaranteed to bring a new identity to your home's landscape.

  • Shop Structures
    Kichler Structures Collection Structures

    Kichler Structures collection lighting employs universal shape to create modern, aesthetically pleasing lighting capable of unmatched versatility, forming a unique and eclectic style all its own. Along with the Brushed Nickel finish and satin-etched glass, it gives a timeless, clean feel capable of matching any decor.

  • Shop Swiss Passport
    Swiss Passport by Kichler Swiss Passport

    With a decidedly European flair, the Swiss Passport Collection provides ample lighting and a design that is modern and elegant all in one package. The hand-formed frame and Brushed Nickel finish, combined with Satin-etched glass, give this family of fixtures high-quality construction and a clean profile that goes with any contemporary interior decor.

About Kichler Collections

Sometimes it is hard to make a decision on how to choose particular light fixtures for your home. If you are looking to upgrade an entire room or home, then exploring by collections is sometimes best. This ensures the lights will go together and will add a seamless look. Explore the various Kichler Collections that we offer at If you are curious about the characteristics that distinguish between some of the more popular collections, then read below.

Kichler Popular Collections

Kichler 3475OZ

For those looking for a taste in modern architecture, the Kichler Hendrick collection will inspire you to light your home in a new way. Named aptly after Hendrick Berlage, a Dutch architect, this collection is for the homeowner with a love for the modern. Make life simple and add a Kichler Hendrick fixture to your home. The simple circles set this collection apart from the rest. Incorporate a modern element to your home and install the double circle detail of the Kichler Hendrick collection. This will look great for both inside your home or even outside.

Kichler 3478

For a bolder modern statement, incorporate the sloping metal designs of the Kichler Olympia collection. Defined by the glass shades and globes being suspending by the metal details, this collection will look great in home if you not afraid to be uber modern. Look for the medal hook in nearly every Kichler Olympia fixture; even the pendant light has a twist. Enhance your home's interior by installing this cohesive collection. These fixtures work great with a homeowner looking to incorporate lighting into their design palate.

Kichler 10581

Almost the classic opposite of the Olympia collection, the Kichler Dover collection softens the metal scoop an adds a candle element. The scrolling lines and beautiful etched glass set this collection apart from the rest. Liven up your traditionally themed home by incorporating a Dover candelabra or a subtle wall sconce. The Kichler Dover light fixtures will update your home and keep the beauty of the past with the convenience of the present.

Kichler 3497

Lighting fixtures that are noticed for the beautiful etched glass shades are perfect for homes needing a softer light. The Kichler Eileen collection, named for furniture designer Eileen Gray, adds a subtle lighted look to your room. The long metal rods complement the cylindrical shades well to fit many homes. If you have a more traditionally designed home, then consider the Olde Bronze finish to the more modern Brushed Nickel finish.

Kichler 9923

Are you looking for a lighting collection that can withstand the harshest of outdoor elements? For instance, the salty sea breeze? Then you must check out the ocean inspired Kichler Seaside collection. Incorporate the details of a sailing boat or ocean dock and add a classic Kichler Seaside light. Made from the durability of solid brass, your light will bring the ocean feel to your home or keep in tune with your oceanic location. The Seaside fixtures look great in an outdoor living space or on your front porch.

Kichler collections are a fabulous way to see how a manufacturer creates cohesion in design and function. Whether you are looking to remodel an entire home's lighting fixtures or looking to upgrade a single fixture, a collection makes it easier to see what sort of style and fixture will fit your home's needs and themes. Check out the selection of Kichler collections here at

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