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Kenroy Home Indoor Lighting Indoor Lighting

  • Shop Bathroom Fixtures
    Kenroy Home Bathroom Fixtures Bathroom Fixtures

    Kenroy Home Bathroom Lighting Fixtures are designed around many themes, from craftsman to traditional, transitional and modern. Kenroy Home Bathroom Lights are sure to work with any décor.

  • Shop Ceiling Fixtures
    Kenroy Home Ceiling Fixtures Ceiling Fixtures

    Kenroy Home Ceiling Fixtures are high quality and uniquely designed products. Built around many themes and styles, there is sure to be a Kenroy Home Ceiling Fixture just right for you.

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    Kenroy Home Chandeliers Chandeliers

    Chandeliers from Kenroy Home are uniquely designed with distinct features that make them stand out from the rest. Featuring styles from Scandinavia, to Asia and all across the world, Kenroy Home products are sure to impress.

  • Shop Island / Billiard Fixtures
    Kenroy Home Island / Billiard Fixtures Island / Billiard Fixtures

    Featuring functionality and style, Kenroy Home Island and Billiard fixtures look good no matter what they're over. Whether it's a dining room table, a kitchen nook or billiard table, Kenroy Home Island and Billiard fixtures are sure to not disappoint.

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    Kenroy Home Lamps Lamps

    Kenroy Home Lamps are functional and decorative. With a mix of form and function, Tables Lamps from Kenroy Home are sure to impress.

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    Kenroy Home Pendants Pendants

    Kenroy Home Pendants are both beautiful and functional. Focusing on the customer, Kenroy Home has the right pendant light to match any décor .

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    Kenroy Home Wall Lights Wall Lights

    Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, Kenroy Home has the right wall lights to match your décor.

Kenroy Home Outdoor Lighting Outdoor Lighting

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    Kenroy Home Outdoor Ceiling Fixtures Outdoor Ceiling Fixtures

    Kenroy Home Outdoor Ceiling Light Fixtures are the perfect compliment to your outdoor décor.

  • Shop Outdoor Chandeliers
    Kenroy Home Outdoor Chandeliers Outdoor Chandeliers

    Outdoor Chandeliers add a touch of the indoor décor to your outdoor. Featuring many styles and themes, outdoor chandeliers quickly become the focal point of your outdoor lifestyle.

  • Shop Outdoor Pendants
    Kenroy Home Outdoor Pendants Outdoor Pendants

    Outdoor pendants serve many purposes, from lighting pathways and dining areas to illuminating the night. Kenroy Home's outdoor pendants make sure your night is illuminated in style.

  • Shop Outdoor Post Lights
    Kenroy Home Outdoor Post Lights Outdoor Post Lights

    Outdoor Post Lights are essential when you're around a walk way late at night. Kenroy Home's outdoor post lights are the perfect compliment to your outdoor décor and fill the valuable role of outdoor lighting.

  • Shop Outdoor Wall Lights
    Kenroy Home Outdoor Wall Lights Outdoor Wall Lights

    Kenroy Home's Outdoor Wall Lights are excellent choices to use to illuminate the way to your home. Impeccably designed, Kenroy Home's outdoor wall sconces are perfect for any need.

Kenroy Home Accents Home Accents

  • Shop Fountains
    Kenroy Home Fountains Fountains

    Indoor and Outdoor Fountains is Kenroy Home's hallmark product. Designed to work with many differing decors, these fountains are found in lavish commercial and residential homes.

  • Shop Pot Racks
    Kenroy Home Pot Racks Pot Racks

    Pot Racks are useful in the kitchen, and now they're even more useful as a source of additional light. With Kenroy Home Pot Racks you can cook in style.

About Kenroy Home

Kenroy Home 50605AMBZ Fountain

Kenroy Home, originally Hunter Lighting, aims to better home decor and your living style. In 1998, Kenroy Home was purchased to better serve the consumer. From lighting to home decor to fountains, they have recreated the living experience to be luxurious. For a better home experience, make sure to check out what Kenroy Home has to offer you today.

Ways to Shop for Kenroy Home

Kenroy Home accents help you to add the finishing touches to your home. Whether you are looking for an accessory that adds class to your home like a pot rack or add a calming sound of water with a fountain, Kenroy home makes a great selection to add the final touches to your home. Make sure you check out one of the most popular items, which is the Kenroy Home fountain. For a bigger selection of Kenroy Home accents, then please click here.

If you are looking to add lighting to your home, consider the lovely collection of Kenroy Home fixtures. Explore the wide selection that we, at, have to offer. Kenroy Home offers light fixtures from the standard designs to the unique style that only Kenroy offers. For instance, Kenroy Home lamps make lighting particular areas easy and convenient. Choose from the traditional lamp styles, such as the Kenroy Home 30437, to the unique styles, such as the Kenroy Home 30913. To check out the selection of indoor lighting from Kenroy Home, then please click here.

Kenroy Home 31367Perhaps you want to better the look and lighting style of your home's exterior? Kenroy Home's selection of outdoor lights can help you do just that. From the classic post light to the eclectic old styled lantern post light, Kenroy Home designs some of the coolest fixtures. Consider stepping out of the outdoor lighting convention and consider installing a Kenroy Home chandelier on your porch or outdoor sitting area. For more about outdoor lighting by Kenroy Home, then please click here.

For a more targeted way of bettering your space, consider shopping Kenroy Home's collections. A very popular one is the Kenroy Home Plateau collection because of its more unique and squared look. The softness of the warm colored glass offsets the more modern squared shades and blackened metal finish. For instance, the Kenroy Home 30742 and the Kenroy Home 30740 lamps really show off the beauty of the Plateau collection. To check out the beauty designed in other collections, then please click here.

Better your home, your life, and your style. Shop Kenroy Home here, at, to make this experience easy and enjoyable.