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Explore our Lighting Information Center in order to ensure that you make the best lighting desicions. Whether you are looking incorporate a new light fixture or install a ceiling fan, these guides are here to make sure that you make the best choice possible. Each section is designed to offer you specific information from the basics to buying guides to common questions asked by consumers about crystals and the details behind the Energy Star options. aims to keep their customers informed and to make shopping for lighting and fans easy.

Check out these easily navigable guides, which are here to help you learn the basics and to make buying decisions with confidence. Browse through the topics below, and be on your way to selecting the right products for your home!

Lighting Basics

Lighting Basics
Bathroom Fan Basics
  • Not sure which bath fan you need? Our guide has the answers. Check out the basics on how to eliminate unwanted moisture and mold from your bathroom.
  • Bathroom Lighting Basics
  • Determining the type and style of bathroom lighting is important. See which is right for you between task lighting and ambient lighting.
  • Ceiling Fan Basics
  • Deciding on which size ceiling fan you need for a particular space is now easy with our straight forward guide. Also check out how the different motor types are preferred for particular needs.
  • Ceiling Lighting Basics
  • For a basic layout of all the different types and styles of ceiling lights, check out our guide. For example, see when you would want a semi flush mount light in comparison to a pendant light.
  • Chandelier Basics
  • Wanting to put a chandelier in your home is easy, but deciding where you want to put it is the hard part. Check out the basics on deciding where you want to install a chandelier.
  • Chandeliers - Selecting a Size
  • Now that you have begun contemplating installing a chandelier into your home, you can now decide on which size will fit best in the space you want to illuminate. Check out our sizing guide.
  • Lamp Basics
  • Incorporating a lamp into your space is an easy win due to its portability. Here is a guide to help you see the benefits of each type of lamp from a table lamp to a floor lamp.
  • Landscape Lighting Basics
  • A great way to enhance your garden or yard is to add landscape lighting. Explore our tips and frequently asked questions on how to best light up your yard in our basic guide.
  • Outdoor Lighting Basics
  • Make a decision between choosing an outdoor wall sconce or an outdoor hanging lantern. Our basic guide helps you choose which one is right for your home.
  • Pendant Fixture Basics
  • You would think that pendant lights are all the same. However, our guide will show you the differences that you should look for and what style is your favorite.
  • Recessed Lighting Basics
  • Installing recessed lighting is one of the most popular home improvement projects. Here are some helpful tips about recessed lighting.
  • Tiffany Style Lighting Basics
  • Tiffany styled lighting fixtures are popular and world renowned. Here is a guide to help you learn more about the history and the different fixture options.
  • Wall Sconce Basics
  • What is a wall sconce? Where should you install one? Here is a basic guide to answer those questions.
  • Lighting Buying Guides

    Light fixture Buying Guide
    How to Choose Your Bathroom Accessories
  • Are you remodeling your bathroom? Check out our guide to upgrading your bathroom accessories. Explore the options available to you here on
  • How to Choose Your Bathroom Lighting
  • Bathroom lighting is some of the most important lighting for your home. Here is a guide to help you choose which type of vanity fixture or ceiling fixture is right for your bathroom space.
  • How to Choose Your Ceiling Fan
  • Check out the various styles of ceiling fans to help you choose which one is right for your room. Make sure to note the room's size and the ceiling height before you make your decision.
  • How to Choose Your Landscape Lighting
  • Figure out the best method and formula for lighting up your landscape. Check out how many lights you will need for your garden. Also, make sure you know which transformer you will need for your set up.
  • How to Choose Your Chandelier
  • Deciding on the perfect size of a chandelier is important. Here is a guide to help you decide what size works best for particular areas of your home.
  • How To Chose Your Outdoor Lighting
  • Here is a guide to determine which outdoor lighting option is best for you. Check out the various types of avaliable.
  • Mini Makeovers

    Lighting Makeovers
    Dining Room Mini Makeovers
  • Need to update your dining room or want a small change? Here is a guide to makeover your dining room, which will keep your home refreshed and enjoyable.
  • Front Entrance Mini Makeovers
  • Your home's entry is the first impression you have to make on your guests and neighbors. Take this as an excuse to have fun and makeover your front entrance.
  • Master Suite Mini Makeovers
  • One of our most important rooms is our bedroom, especially the master bedroom. Check out our guide to ensure that your master bedroom is a true sanctuary.
  • Foyer Mini Makeovers
  • Many people decorate their foyers with a chandelier, but check out our guide to jazz up a foyer. Incorporate other home decor to entice your in-coming guests.
  • Hardware and Accessory Basics

    Bathroom Hardware
    Cabinet Hardware Basics
  • Dress up your cabinets with a stylish cabinet knob or pull. Check out our list of advantages as to why changing out or adding new cabinet hardware is a huge win.
  • Fountain Basics
  • Water fountains make your living space or outdoor gardens an even more pleasurable area. The soft water sound calms you down and helps you relax.
  • Mirror Basics
  • We all enjoy the necessity and convenience of mirrors. But did you know that there are many advantages to incorporating mirrors throughout your home? Check out a guide for more help.
  • Bathroom Accessory Basics
  • Not sure which bathroom accessory to choose? Now you can decide with the help of our guide. Switching out bathroom accessories is a more affordable way to update a bathroom.
  • Tips, Topics & Glossaries

    Crystal Lighting Qualities
  • Crystals are beautiful and highly desirable, but it is important that you are really getting your money's worth. Our guide will help you to figure out which crystal has the best quality and will help you choose  the right one for your fixture.
  • Learn About Energy Star
  • Everyone has seen the star and has heard of Energy Star. But what is it? Why choose an Energy Star fixture? Here is a guide explaining those questions and much, much more. You will not want pass up the benefits because could help you save energy costs!
  • Light Bulb Glossary
  • Deciding which light bulb you need can be tricky, especially if you need to use one that is less common. Check out our guide to help you see the difference between all the multiple types of light bulbs available.
  • Lighting Cleaning & Care
  • Here is a helpful guide to see the best practices for cleaning your light fixtures and accessories. You can now have the cleanest and shiniest looking fixtures because of these awesome tips.
  • Types of Lighting Glass
  • Many light fixtures have glass globes, glass shades, and/or other glass details. Here is a guide to help you explore the different types and read about some important tips.
  • Employee Favorites

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    Quoizel DW5005 Contemporary / Modern 5 Light Up Light Chandelier from Downtown Collection
    Quoizel DW5005

    "The Quoizel DW5005 Five Light Chandelier is guaranteed to deliver some 'WOW!' factor to your guests this holiday season. Superior quality and unique design in an elegant form make this chandelier on of my favorites."

    Jared Gilmore

    Maxim MX 10985 6 Light Up Lighting Chandelier from the Asiana Collection
    Maxim MX 10985

    "The Maxim MX 10985 combines the best of contemporary aesthetics with classic Asian appeal. Wherever this is being installed, you are sure to not only attract attention but compliments from your guests as well." 

    Brandon Thomas

    Savoy House 8-9127-2 Traditional / Classic 2 Light 12.25 Inch Wide Bathroom Fixture from the Bath Collection
    Savoy House 8-9172-2

    "This sleek 2 light bath fixture from Savoy House comes in 3 different finishes to easily match any style." 

    Robert Nevers

    Murray Feiss MF VS10503 Traditional / Classic 3 Light 18 Inch Wide Bathroom Fixture from the Claridge Collection
    Murray Feiss VS10503

    "The Murray Feiss VS10503 has a great traditional look with beautiful, curved lines. Priced under $100, it's a great value for the quality and level of design." 

    Bryce Koch


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