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Pendant Lighting

Pendant Lighting is a stylish and fun alternative to more traditional ceiling mounted lighting. They emit a generous spread of light and with the addition of a dimmer switch turn into an even more functional piece. From bright direct task lighting to soft more subdued ambient lighting, use pendant lighting to create a dramatic and elegant finish touch to the kitchen, bathroom, hallway or any room in the home

The kitchen has become the main hub of the home and a great place to make a stylish statement. Place a multi light pendant or a trio of single pendant fixtures over an island to provide good light and break up the kitchen. They create a pleasant environment over counters and peninsulas and are a popular addition over dining tables and seating areas. This style of design allows for one to see through the lighting element for an open and airy look that is very popular.

A pendant is also a great alternative to a table lamp in a reading spot, next to the bed, or by a cozy chair in the family room. They add a lovely focal point to the room as well as unclutter your bedside or end table.

Things to Consider

When placing a pendant light in the foyer, you will need to first consider the size of the foyer and ceiling height. Small or medium sized foyers with average or slightly above average ceiling heights can easily and beautifully be accented with an entrance/foyer pendant light or even a mini chandelier. A larger foyer with a high ceiling will require a larger fixture, generally a foyer chandelier. This will ensure that the lamp will adequately illuminate and occupy the space. If there's a window above the front door, you may want to center your new fixture in front of the window for maximum curb appeal and aesthetics. Optimal placement for a larger fixture would be at least 9 feet from the floor. For particularly high ceilings extra chain is available (sold separately).


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