Tips & Products for a Master Suite Mini Makeover

Rest Easy, Small Changes, Big Comfort

Master Suite Mini Makeover

The creation of a Master Suite in a home not only increases the comfort of the main bedroom but can also increase property value at sale time. When evaluating needs for a Master Suite consider comfort with the addition of a bit of luxury. Small touches can go a long way in spaces like this.

Set The Mood:

Master bath lighting is obviously essential, but allow some fun, whimsy and romance in the space and try to coordinate the bed and bath area. Table lamps or even wall mounted lamps behind the bed create task lighting for reading without bothering your partner. Have some extra space for extra pop in the bedroom, dressing area or bath? A mini-chandelier will certainly add interest!

Update Style & Function

Master Suite Mini Makeovers

Luxury in the bath doesn't have to involve an entire bathroom remodel, small updates can add a great deal of comfort and feeling of extravagance with little effort or financial impact. For an easy update, keep your existing bath sink or vanity and upgrade the faucets! Coordinate the new bathroom sink faucet with the other bathroom faucets such as shower, tub and shower or whirlpool tub faucets.

Ceiling Fans – Year Round Comfort:

Master Suite Mini Makeovers

Ceiling fans can give a cool breeze on a warm summer night, and increase airflow on a low setting the rest of the year for a more peaceful and restful sleep. Many ceiling fans also include or have optional light kits that can provide main overhead lighting in a bedroom for a dual purpose.

Fresh New Fundamentals

Mirrors are a fundamental part of any bedroom/bath area essential for dressing, grooming, make-up and hair. Consider updating mirrors in the bed and bath to coordinate with the other finishes and colors you've decided on for the space. If you need a little extra space, look for a mirrored medicine cabinet. Don't forget the bathroom accessories such as towel bars, robe hooks, paper holders and more. These items can almost always be perfectly coordinated to your new or existing faucets.

Ultimate Luxury Ideas

Step out of the shower or bath into a cozy warm towel on a cool morning, warm a sweater, a baby blanket or a small quilt all with a towel warmer. Shouldn't your toilet seat do more? Try a heated toilet seat for the middle of the night or early morning trips to the bathroom. A bidet toilet seat with bidet features is a great option if you've considered adding a bidet to the master bath but don't have the space. Looking to do more than a mini-makeover? Consider adding a steam shower for ultimate luxury!


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