Tips & Products for a Front Entrance Makeover

Mini Makeovers: Front Entrance

Entrance Lighting

Your front entrance is the focal point for your homes curb appeal and a key area to enhance safety and security. Over time lighting and hardware can become dated, lusterless and may even pit, rust or break. Updating items such as your lighting, handleset and accessories can make a profound impact on the visual appeal and security of your home. A front entrance is an easy and inexpensive project to update and spruce up in a short weekend for a do it yourselfer'. A little attention goes a long way with this mini-makeover!

Lighting Creates Safety and Beauty

Good lighting around the entrance is essential for safety as well as appearance. Updating the wall lanterns flanking the front door or the hanging or ceiling fixture above the door will help brighten the area at night and bring a new look to the area during the day. If you are not comfortable installing this lighting on your own this is a small project for a professional to handle over the course of a few hours.

Door Hardware: No Need to Sacrifice Style for Safety

Door Hardware

Door hardware is an easy update that will make a drastic impact on the security, look and feel of your front door. Many doors can accommodate a full handleset that is coordinated to the style of the home. For some homes a new door knob or lever is a better depending on the space and style requirements. Today's top brands are creating state of the art security in a wide variety of styles to suit any home!

Décor and Details Matter

Home Decor

Looking to do a little more to spruce up? Paint your front door! If the door appears to be in good shape but the home needs something a little extra color is always there to add that extra splash of interest. Add planters with real or artificial plants to add some color and life to the area. If your interior looks great with the door closed and you want to pull that feeling inside try an entrance rug. They can be beautifully coordinated to the exterior style and color of your home and begin the transition from the impressive entrance to your lovely home.


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