Tips & Products for a Foyer Makeover

Mini Makeovers: Foyer

Foyer Lighting

The foyer welcomes guests into your home and sets the tone, style and feeling. When choosing lighting and accessories for your foyer consider the overall style of the entire home. You can choose colors and styles that coordinate perfectly or maybe allow a progression as you enter the home. Create a space that you are comfortable and feel at home in, you should feel welcomed when you come in as well!

Décor Adds Style & More!

Mirrors, wall art, decorative bowls, clocks, small furniture and more. The options are limitless when looking to accessorize your foyer. Both functional things like decorative bowl for keys, a mirror for one last look before you head out the door or a beautiful piece of artwork all add personality and style to the space.

Lamps are also a nice option if you have a large area for your foyer. A table lamp on a small table or an elegant floor standing lamp and add style and interest.

Lighting Welcomes You Home

Foyer Chandelier

Foyer lighting should be comfortable, not too bright but enough light for simple tasks. Whether your home has a grand cathedral entrance that calls for an extravagant chandelier or a more subdued foyer where a simple close to ceiling light is called for, you have a great opportunity to express your home in the foyer.

Foyer chandeliers are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes to accommodate tall entrances in any style home. If your ceiling is more of a traditional 8' or 9' height close to ceiling or flush mount ceiling fixtures are a great option. They provide ample task lighting and add beauty to the space.

Wall sconces can add a lot of design to an area such as flanking a mirror or piece of artwork. They can also provide lighting in a hallway leading the foyer to the living areas of the home. Recessed lighting is a great option to add a great deal of light with minimal impact on the design of the space. Recessed lighting is often used with a dimmer and can provide soft lighting or a brighter effect for task lighting.


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