About the Various Types of Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor Lighting

When choosing outdoor lighting you want to consider the overall appearance of your home. How are the lighting fixtures going to look from the curb, the driveway and the front door? Too few lights can get lost and fixtures that are too small may not produce enough light on a larger home. Too many lights or overly large fixtures can look mismatched and glaring on a smaller home. The goal of outdoor lighting is to create a comfortable, safe and secure lighting experience.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

Post Light

Post Mounted Lights

Post Mounted fixtures can be used to illuminate an entrance/pathway or near a driveway to make locating the driveway safer and easier. Posts come in a variety of colors and generally need to be purchased separately from the light fixture.

Outdoor Wall Light

Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor Wall Light fixtures can be used at any exterior door around the home including garage, basement, back and side doors, adding safety and security around entrances. Larger homes and homes with larger front entrances lend themselves to larger fixtures and/or to a fixture on each side of the door. Smaller homes and single doors are better suited with smaller Outdoor Wall Lights or a single Outdoor Wall Lights. Outdoor Wall Lights are best hung just above eye level or at least 66" from the ground.

Outdoor Ceiling Mount Light

Outdoor Ceiling Mount Lights

Ceiling Mounted fixtures are an excellent option for entrances with a porch or portico to help more adequately light the area.

Hanging Light

Hanging Lights

Hanging Fixtures lend themselves to grand entrances and tall porches. In order to insure adequate lighting, safety for taller guests and good distance from a swinging door be sure to hang the fixture high enough, 84" from the floor is a good general guideline.

Outdoor Lamp

Outdoor Lamps

Lamps and Chandeliers specifically made for outdoor use are becoming a popular decorative accent to outdoor porches, pools, cabanas and other covered outdoor spaces. A fixture suited for outdoor use will have "UL Listed For Use In Damp Locations" listed on the Details & dimensions tab. This notation will indicate that the product is suited for wet or damp situations.

Landscape Lighting

Deck Lights

Deck Lights

Deck lighting comes in various designs for different uses. Step lighting makes using stairs safer and easier by reducing shadows. Rail lighting adds ambiance and safety for night gatherings. Post mounted fixtures can be used to highlight a deck and also increases comfort and ambiance during evening use.

Garden Light

Garden Lights

Garden lighting can be used as a decorative accent within a garden or landscaping to add interest and shed light on your beautiful space.

Path Light

Path Lights

Path lighting is used to highlight walkways through your yard, adding safety and beauty. "Spread light" style is used to define the edges of a path where the grass or garden meets the walkway. Bollard lighting is taller and used to mark an entrance or path.


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