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Landscape Lighting
Landscape Lighting

Lighting Showplace can help you select the right pieces for a simple, low-voltage landscape lighting solution.

Use this along with the Lighting Showplace Web site to choose the products that best fit your lighting needs after you have established a basic lighting plan. See examples of how landscape lighting can be used to enhance your home's exterior while providing safety and ambiance at our Web site

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Spread Lighting and Bollard Lighting for Walkways

Use path lighting to define the edge & create a safe walkway for friends & family. We recommend measuring the entire length of your walkway and placing one path light every 5 to 6 six feet.

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Path Lighting and Mini-accent Lighting for the Garden

Highlight textures, shapes & the colors of your garden. Use one mini-accent light for each bush or shrub. Place path/spread lighting from 4 to 6 feet apart within your garden area.

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Step Lighting, Post Lighting and Rail Lighting for Decks and Patios

Light up your outside gathering areas and add safety. Place a deck light on each deck railing post and a step light to every other step leading up to your deck or patio area. Place a decorative garden light beside a patio area for ambience.

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Accent Lighting, Flood Lights and Well Lights

Create a dramatic effect by up-lighting trees using a well light recessed in the ground. Use flood lights & accent lights to wash (illuminate) the walls of your home or create silhouettes of unique topiary. One per tree or wall is recommended.

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Landscape Lighting Transformers

Provide the right amount of power to your lights by adding the total wattage of all your fixtures to determine the correct size transformer. You will need a transformer that is rated at least as high as your total wattage. Choose a unit that will allow for future lighting and consider a built-in timer or electric eye to automatically turn your lighting on & off. If you add lighting in different locations (i.e. front & back of your home) you will need a separate transformer for each area.

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Determining Length of Wire for Landscape Lighting

The wire required is specially designed for outdoor & underground landscape lighting use. Remember to allow for obstacles, pathways and obstructions you may need to go around. Lay out your wire path with string first then measure the total length of the string to determine your final wire length & include at least 10 extra feet.

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