Tips Before Purchasing Cabinet Hardware

Regarded as the jewelry of the cabinets, knobs, pulls, switch plates and accessories are details that can make a strong statement and reflect your own personal style. Whether you're creating a unique look for new cabinets, or refreshing the style of your current ones; we offer a great collection of decorative hardware that is both functional and beautiful, in traditional, contemporary and unique designs. We have selections in every finish imaginable that is sensitively priced.

How to Choose Cabinet Hardware

First, define your style. Once you have decided on your look, personalize the overall style by creating a focal point in every room. The New Country look, for example, has evolved into a style that is charming, comfortable and at the same time exudes chic and sophistication suitable in an apartment or suburban home. There are an array of colors, sizes, finishes, designs and materials, including solid brass, cast iron, wood, ceramic, chrome, antique brass, glazed ceramic, porcelain and more.

Simple and quick advantages:

  • Big decorating impact in small bathrooms and kitchens
  • It spices up the cabinetry without having to start over
  • It's the fastest and easiest hardware to change
  • The most affordable and effective face-lift
  • Adds welcome splashes of color
  • Stylish distinctive decorative knobs & pulls can be surprisingly noticeable
  • Installation is fast and simple. All that is needed is a screwdriver and a template so that each item is mounted in the same location

Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet Knobs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and diameters and are mounted to doors or drawers with a single screw and bolt. Some knobs have built in screws which make them easier to install. To enhance your hardware, use a back plate, which is placed between the door or drawer surface and the knob, to protect the cabinet surface. There is no right or wrong size when it comes to selecting the appropriate cabinet knob size, but choose a size that looks best in proportion to the size of your cabinet doors and drawers.


Cabinet Pulls also come in a variety of sizes, shapes. 96 mm. and 3-in. are the customary measurements for spaces between holes, from center to center, but 4-in pulls were used often around the 1970s. Pulls also can be combined with a back plate or used alone and are usually attached with two screws. Determine the size needed by measuring from hole to hole on the pull, not by the length of the pull. If you are replacing pulls, take the old one with you to compare the hole sizes vs. the new ones.

If you are replacing old 4-in pulls with a more contemporary style, you can hide holes with wood filler, or use a back plate, which is placed between the door or drawer surface and the pull to protect the cabinet surface and cover existing holes.

Installation Tips

While there are no concrete rules for placement of a knob or pull on a cabinet door, most cabinet makers will locate them approximately 3"-4" above the upper non-hinged corner on base cabinets, or the lower non-hinged corner on wall cabinets. However, the decision is yours to make. You may want to create a durable template prior to drilling to mark the mounting holes and ensure that they are parallel with the door or drawer edge and they are the same placement height on every cabinet.

Choose from our expanding collection of decorative hardware in unique designs, and Lighting Showplace is certain you will find a style to satisfy your desires that is sensitively priced.


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