About Those Extra Pieces for Your Bathroom

How to Choose Your Bathroom Accessories

How to Choose Bathroom Accessories

How to Choose Your Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories are the final touch on a beautiful bathroom. Some accessories such as the towel bar and the tissue holder are essential, while others simply add a bit of luxury and convenience. Bath accessories come in an array of styles and finishes so you can match these to your plumbing and lighting fixtures. Many manufacturers offer accessories coordinated perfectly with plumbing fixture designs.

Towel Bars, Towel Rings and Robe Hooks

Towel Bar Vanity Shelves Bathroom Towel Ring Bath Robe Hook
  • Towel Bars
    • Generally sold in 18", 24" and 30" lengths and styles including single bar, double bar and tiered towel shelves which have one or two towel bars with a shelf on top to hold folded towels
  • Vanity Shelves
    • Vanity shelves are a great addition to a bathroom and help to unclutter a countertop; some designs include towel bars as part of their design
  • Towel Rings
    • Towel rings are a stylish and functional addition to the sink area for a small hand towel
  • Robe Hooks
    • Robe hooks come with one or more hooks and keep robes conveniently out of the way when not being used
  • Paper Holders, Soap Dispensers & Toilet Tank Levers

    Toilet Paper Holder Soap Dispenser Toilet Tank Lever Toothbrush Holder
  • Toilet Paper Holders
    • Toilet paper holders come in a variety of styles and designs such as the traditional wall hung, pedestal which is ideal for larger bathrooms and the hooded wall hung which has a flap to conceal the toilet paper.
  • Soap Dispensers
    • Soap dispensers are available in two different styles: a pump for liquid soap and a soap dish for bar soap. Some designs sit on the vanity and others mount to the wall.
  • Toilet Tank Levers
    • Toilet tank levers come in a wide variety of styles and finishes for a seamless overall bathroom design. Most levers will work with any toilet; however, if you have a unique styled toilet flush actuators will vary in design.
  • Toothbrush Holders
    • Toothbrush and tumbler holders keep counters clear and clean by keeping these bathroom essentials together in one simple piece that can sit on the counter or hang on the wall.
  • Affordable Luxury with Towel Warmers and Magnifying Mirrors

    Towel Warmer Magnifying Mirror
  • Towel Warmers
    • Towel warmers add a touch of comfort and start at a surprisingly comfortable price. Available in wall mount, floor mount or portable, towel warmers come in a variety of finishes and styles
  • Magnifying Mirrors
    • Magnifying mirrors mount to the wall and are ideal for applying makeup, shaving and other up close tasks. They are also a great addition to any bathroom used by a person with poor vision or the elderly..
  • Round Toilet Seats vs. Elongated Toilet Seats

    Round Toilet Seat Elongated Toilet Seat
  • Toilet Seats
    • Come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and styles. Toilets and seats come in round and elongated styles, be sure you know the shape of your toilet before purchasing a new seat. Safety seats are also available with assistance arms to avoid falls. If you're looking for luxury one brand offers adjustable temperature heated seats available with bidet washing and warm air drying features
  • Mirrors

    Bathroom Mirror
  • Mirrors
    • Mirrors can add depth and interest to any bathroom and even make smaller bathrooms look larger and roomier. Consider a new mirror when purchasing bath accessories, in many cases you can even match the finish of your new décor, lighting or plumbing fixtures.
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