110% Price Match Guarantee

Buy With Confidence. We shop our competitors to ensure that we are offering the lowest price possible. If you find a lower price on your item(s) before or up to 30 days after you purchase, let us know. We will match any online price you find, as long as it doesn't go below our cost.

LightingShowPlace.com reserves the right to determine which offers are from legitimate retailers. In the event that we cannot meet a competitor's price, you will be notified at the time that the product is quoted.

Simply Call us at (800) 334-2725 or request your Low Price Guarantee online.

    Low Price Guarantee Policy Guidelines:
  • Items eligible for our Low Price Guarantee must have a published price and/or you have a quotation from the competitor. Items must be in stock at the competitor and available for immediate delivery. Low Price Guarantee requests are limited to one claim per product. The Low Price Guarantee cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon or project pricing offers, nor does it apply to limited-quantity offers, auction sites, Ebay, classified ads, manufacturer's rebates, closeouts, clearances, bulk quantity items, or typographical errors.
  • Products must be first quality, all new, factory-sealed, of the same brand, style and SKU. Price adjustments are calculated on the selling price of the item. LightingShowPlace.com reserves the right to consider any applicable tax and/or shipping charges when calculating the LPG price.

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