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    The inside of your home is many things -- a showplace, sanctuary, playscape -- but always it is uniquely yours. A Hunter ceiling fan will transform your space and provide the perfect oasis to any room in your home.

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    A Hunter Outdoor Ceiling Fan is the perfect solution to beat the outdoor heat during those hot summer days and nights, all the while adding to your outdoor décor.

About Hunter Fans

Innovation. Leader. Quality. These three words define the character of Hunter Fans as a manufacturer. Pushing the boundaries of fan technology with what they continue to offer their customers by designing cooling and lighting fixtures that answers our needs of the future. This desire to continue to develop amazing products stems from their start in the industry as the original inventors of the ceiling fan. Their invention of the motor and their constant changes to their motors makes Hunter Fans a leader who strives to only make quality products. Hunter's success is clear once you see their products.

Hunter 22459Hunter Indoor Fixtures

Cool your home today with the some of the best fans on the market. Keep your energy consumption and costs to a minimum by installing an effective fan. Minimize the amount of energy you expend on an air conditioning unit. It is much more economical and just as great to use a fan to keep your home's air moving. Hunter ceiling fans are incredibly quiet and powerful, so that you will surely notice a difference minutes after turning the fan on. Make sure to not compromise your home's decor or style to have a cooler room. A Hunter fan looks great and will improve the look of your room on those days you do not need to run the fan. What else could you ask for?

Hunter 23945Hunter has even stepped it up to create high-quality exhaust fans. For a great brand and a great fixture, a Hunter exhaust fan will eliminate the unwanted steam and heat from a room. Whether you need a fan for your bathroom or your laundry room, an exhaust fan is the optimal way to eliminate moist air from a room. This will eliminate the increased chance of mold or other moisture problems. Install an exhaust fan in your bathrooms or laundry rooms that have no access to the fresh air outside. Hunter's selection of exhaust fans look incredible and will only enhance the look and feel of your room. Step up the look of your exhaust fan today from the plastic screen to a great looking fixture.

Hunter has even taking a bathroom exhaust fan to an entirely new level. Hunter offers an incredibly innovated selection of bathroom fixtures. You can now add a superb looking bath exhaust fan with semi-flush lights hanging off. Just like a down lighting hanging pendant, your bath fan can look great with the added class of the glass shaded lights. Hunter also offers a complementary vanity light. Now your bathroom lighting has a purpose and an awesome function.

Hunter Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Cool yourself off on your porch or outdoor living room gardens. With an outdoor ceiling fan, you will seek the noticeable difference that it will provide you, your guests, and your family. Do not seek shelter in your home on a hot day, seek the relaxation of the fresh air and the breeze emanating from your fan. You can choose between a the traditional looking fan, the typical outdoor fan, or the uniqueness that a fan like the Hunter Stonehaven provides. Adding a Hunter outdoor fan to your backyard or front porch will keep you saving energy and keep enjoying the outdoors longer.

Popular Hunter Collections

Hunter 26416

Designed with the beauty of the wood in mind, the Hunter Architect Series offers a variety of fans with different wood finishes. Choose the wood blades that fit your rooms decor and style. For example, the Hunter 26419 comes in the New Bronze finish, which would look great in a craftsman styled home or even a wooded cabin. Or maybe you are redecorating your child's room and would prefer an all white fan, such as the Hunter 26417. The Architect Series will look great in many homes due to their simple and traditional ceiling fan designs.

Hunter 28872

For a line of Hunter Fans' greatest designs, make sure to check out the Hunter Core collection. It incorporates a line of both ceiling fans and ceiling lights that will help you to determine which style is right for you. The Core collection offers a selection of Hunter ceiling fans that are their most popular and common. They are available in the traditional, such as the Hunter Forest Hill, or available in the more modern, such as the Hunter Low Profile Plus. Perusing this collection will make deciding on a fan much easier.

Hunter 23935

For a classic ceiling fan collection that will surely look great in any home and provide you with the comfort you need. The Hunter Bridgeport collection offers two ceiling fan staples. The wood finish fan available in both 52" and 42" and the classic and timeless white finish. The Bridgeport collection will look great in many homes and will be that little extra addition you may need. Enjoy the quiet of a Bridgeport fan with the Wobble-Free Canopy from Hunter. A great choice for a fan that works well both inside your home and outside your home.

Hunter 18865

Hunter Fans has taken their style and design further with the Hunter Heritage collection. Each fan in this collection clearly has its own character and flare. Maybe you are looking for Hunter's classic original fan, which proudly earns the EnergyStar rating from the EPA? Or for a conceptually different style of fan that works great and looks even better, such as the Hunter 18865 which dates back to late nineteenth century. For an old world look with a new world function, the 1886 Limited Edition fan from Hunter sets the Heritage collection apart from the rest.

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