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Generation Brands

Monte Carlo FansWhen you add a Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan to your home, you’re adding an incredibly versatile fixture. A ceiling fan is designed to move air in a room, and it can also become the living area’s main light source. Finally, a ceiling fan can be the room’s decorative focal point. When you choose a Monte Carlo ceiling fan, you’re sure to get all three.

Monte Carlo fashion-forward ceiling fans come in a variety of styles, sizes, looks, and finishes. Want options? Monte Carlo has them. With 10 unique styles, more than 80 complete collections, and over 20 designer and plated finish options, these fixtures are virtually customizable.

Monte Carlo ceiling fans are available in a number of different themes, including contemporary, traditional, and everything in between. How about adding a rustic themed ceiling fan to a country setting, like a mountain cabin? And ceiling fans with a traditional theme are ideal for everything from a home in the suburbs to a Manhattan loft.

Monte Carlo ceiling fans can be placed in virtually any room in your home. Ceiling fans with larger blade spans can be mounted in a great room, bedroom, or home office. Mid-sized fixtures are great in pretty much any space, as well. And smaller Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans, like those with a blade span as small as 24 inches, can be mounted in a walk-in closet to maintain air movement and ventilation.

If you’re ready to install a ceiling fan in one of your home’s used rooms, also consider that it could feature an integrated light. These lights are powerful enough to be the main light source in any room. And Monte Carlo’s decorative eye will also make sure that your ceiling fan can be a focal point or a functional fixture.

Just like many other manufacturers today, Monte Carlo is concerned about the environment. So, consider one of its many ceiling fans that are ENERGY STAR rated. Extra-efficient motors power these fixtures without sacrificing performance.

Monte Carlo also augments your ceiling fixture selection with a wide range of lights. From flushmount and semi-flushmount ceiling fixtures to bowl and mini pendants, Monte Carlo has your lighting needs covered. Shop Monte Carlo ceiling fans and lights at

Murray Feiss

When shopping for home lighting to brighten up a living space and become a decorative centerpiece, think Murray Feiss, one of the most trusted names in the lighting industry.

Murray Feiss is a name that’s become synonymous with excellence in interior and exterior lighting. This well-known leader in decorative lighting has collections for every area of your home. Murray Feiss is dedicated to quality, design innovation, and impeccable craftsmanship.

Murray Feiss bathroom lighting is a perfect way to begin or end your day. With a flattering glow and gorgeous designs, these lights will help get you on your way. They come with anywhere from two lights to eight lights, and can have up lighting or down lighting capabilities.

When all you need is a little extra light, a Murray Feiss wall sconce can probably help. These fixtures are designed to augment a main light source in a large room or provide light in a darker area, like a hallway. A wall sconce can also be a decorative addition to a wall by the front door or just inside the bathroom.

Ceiling fixtures provide a main light source for a room or living area. Choose from flushmount or semi-flushmount ceiling fixtures from Murray Feiss for a hallway, bedroom, home office, or laundry room.

A chandelier is perhaps the most versatile light, and Murray Feiss has an amazing selection to choose from. Place a three light mini chandelier over a kitchen nook for a subtle amount of light. A large chandelier can be mounted in a great room, bedroom, or entryway, as long as the ceiling is tall enough.

Another fixture with amazing versatility is a Murray Feiss pendant. If you want a broad swath of light, a bowl pendant can provide that by diffusing the light through a large, wide glass shade. For focused task lighting, a single light mini pendant is the way to go.

Murray Feiss also has a nice selection of island lights. These specialty fixtures typically come with two or three lights and are ideal over a dining room table, a billiard table, or a kitchen island.

When you need a little bit of lamp lighting in a room, Murray Feiss can help you there, as well. Choose a desk lamp or table lamp for a little extra light at a chair, desk, or table. A floor lamp provides more brightness, both up and down lighting, and can be a complementary source of light.

Murray Feiss also provides a full selection of outdoor lighting. Outdoor post lights give your guests peace of mind when arriving at your home in the dark and can chaperone them from the curb to the front door. While they’re at the front door, an outdoor wall sconce, complemented by an outdoor pendant or outdoor ceiling fixture, greets them. All of this combines to boost your home’s curb appeal while adding another layer of safety to your home’s exterior.

Murray Feiss indoor and outdoor lighting can be found at

Sea Gull Lighting

For the finest in contemporary and transitional lighting for your entire home, consider Sea Gull Lighting. Indoors or outdoors, Sea Gull Lighting provides bright and beautiful lighting that’s become a residential and commercial favorite.

For over 90 years, Sea Gull Lighting has been among the nation’s leaders in providing decorative and functional lighting and ceiling fans. And when it comes to helping to preserve the environment, Sea Gull Lighting stands out, as well, being named ENERGY STAR’s Partner of the Year and Sustained Excellence Winner in 2008.

Sea Gull Lighting bathroom fixtures get your day going the right way. Whether it’s a two light or eight light fixture mounted over your bathroom mirror, it will produce a flattering light. These bathroom fixtures also offer up lighting or down lighting capabilities.

Wall lights are great additions to any home, and Sea Gull Lighting has a fabulous selection. These are mostly one and two light fixtures, and can brighten a dark hallway or provide a little extra illumination in a larger room.

A chandelier is perhaps the most versatile lighting fixture you can place in the home. Sea Gull Lighting chandeliers are available in a number of different looks. A three light mini chandelier is ideal for a kitchen nook or sizeable bathroom. And a larger chandelier (with two or three tiers and up to 15 lights) can truly brighten up a great room, entryway, or bedroom.

Ceiling fixtures are definite choices for a main light source in a home office, great room, hallway, bedroom, or laundry room. You can choose a Sea Gull Lighting flushmount ceiling fixture or a semi-flushmount ceiling fixture that hangs down slightly from the ceiling.

Speaking of hanging fixtures, Sea Gull Lighting pendants are designed to brighten up a living space with the perfect light or provide a little more focused lighting. Bowl pendants use a large, wide glass shade to diffuse light throughout a living space, and mini pendants use a single light to provide task lighting at a kitchen sink or over a kitchen island.

Sea Gull Lighting also features an amazing selection of ceiling fans. Whether you’re looking to simply move some air, provide a main light source, or inspire the room with a stunning centerpiece, a Sea Gull Lighting ceiling fan is a welcome addition to just about any room.

Island fixtures are wonderfully unique fixtures. These two or three light fixtures are right at home mounted over a kitchen island, kitchen table, or billiard table, and they provide just the right amount of light for whatever you’re doing.

Sea Gull Lighting is also well-known for its under cabinet lighting, an efficient and effective way to brighten any kitchen counter space. Task lighting can be hard to come by in this under-utilized space, but Sea Gull Lighting maximizes the opportunity and makes it easy to install.

Style, substance, and beauty are all apt descriptions of Sea Gull Lighting fixtures, which can be found right here at


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