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We all love to decorate our home. Choose some great pieces that add that perfect finishing touch. Find different ways to add your personality into your rooms, your home, or your office. One of the best ways to figure how to decorate your home or what the next greatest addition can be is by deciding on a theme. Take some time to think about a theme that would go with your house, one that represents your personality, and would provide the look and feel you are hoping for.

Once you have a theme chosen, then you can choose how you want to recreate your space using your theme. We, at, wanted to offer how you can do this using our selection of Home Accents and Decor. We have paired one accent piece with one theme. Take these ideas and run with them!

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Home Decor by Theme

Wall Art for Your Craftsman Home - Decorate your home using wall art. This is a great way to add a touch of unique style to your home. Many Craftsman themed homes pride themselves on well-designed, well-crafted pieces, and great wood work. How about adding wall art in that same tradition? Consider adding a brightly, beautiful and well-crafted stained glass piece. Choose from a wide variety of styles from nature themes to landscapes to geometric shapes; one of these beautiful stained glass windows would look great. For a warm and inviting feel and for a great appreciation for craftsmanship, then choose the Mission or Craftsman theme and consider a wonderful piece of wall art.

Clocks for Your Traditional Home - Incorporate a piece of home decor that has multiple functions, such as a clock. A popular way to dress up a home is to add an extra clock. Now they can look great and match the look and feel of your home. For a classic look, it is best to incorporate a great looking clock with intricate hands to tell the time. You can choose from one that has time for different time zones to ones that have antiqued details. Ensure that you choose your home decor to fully flesh out the theme of classic, timeless tradition. Bring yourself to simpler and elegant times and consider the Traditional lifestyle.

Nova Lighting WM4268 MirrorFurniture for Your Transitional Home - Blend your home accents to fit your multiple likes. Are you someone who likes antiques and new age ideas? Choose transitional looking furniture to help you design your home in a mix of themes and styles. Add a simple black chair next to an old fashioned clock or put a wood table next to a stark mirror. Check out our selection of furniture from wine holders to chairs to tables. Ensure that your home decor represents you and your personality with the transition between old to new to everything in between.

Mirrors for Your Modern Home - Design your home differently by adding a mirror to add depth and layers to a room. Consider whether you want a rectangular shape or an oval shape, and, then, begin to use a mirror to elongate a room or reflect a great piece of furniture. Mirrors can now serve you more than helping you to see your great reflection, instead, they can help you to see your home in a new way. Modern themed homes can be greatly enhanced and beautified by mirrors, so try it out today!

Rethink how you are decorating your home. Consider how you can recreate the feel and the look by simply adding a new piece. Home decor and design is one of the easiest ways to express your personality. Enjoy our selection here at


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