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    Modern styling's is the hallmark of any Forecast Lighting bathroom light. With their European designs and uniquely inspired fixtures they are sure to be the highlight of your bathroom.

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    Ceiling Fixtures are vital in any home and Forecast Lighting has you covered with their modern and European styled light fixtures.

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    Pendant lighting is essential to any home's décor, whether it is for the kitchen, living room or dining room, Forecast Lighting adds the perfect compliment to your décor.

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    Wall sconces are everywhere in your home. From the hallway to the bathroom and living room, they are an essential piece of your décor. Thankfully, Forecast Lighting has a wide assortment of modern and European styling's to suit your designing needs.

Forecast Lighting Outdoor Lighting Outdoor Lighting

About Forecast Lighting

Forecast Lighting began in Southern California in the early 1970s, bringing contemporary lighting designs to the market. Four decades and numerous innovate concepts later, Forecast is a leader in lighting. It has introduced over 650 new products in the past four years, including LED light sources in designer light fixtures.

Forecast Lighting Kellar Forge Chandelier

Indoor Lighting

In medieval times, chandeliers were used by the wealthy to provide candlelight. Forecast Lighting builds upon this time-tested method with beautiful works of art. The chandelier from the Kellar's Forge Collection is a beautiful up-lighting chandelier that's perfect for any room. It uses a citrine glass shade to provide a warm glow. If a chandelier is too big for the area you had in mind, check out island and billiard lighting fixtures from Forecast Lighting.

Pendant lighting is a great way to add the right amount of light to any room. Forecast Lighting gives you a great selection of pendants to match your style and decor. The Marta collection has a beautiful assortment of lighting pendants. If you're looking to decorate a smaller room, then check out ceiling light fixtures by Forecast Lighting.

Wall sconces can easily be overlooked in any home. Forecast Lighting offers a wide variety of wall light styles to match any home's decor. If you are looking for a clean and simple look, check out the single-light wall sconce from the Niles collection from Forecast Lighting.

Modern styling is a must have with any Forecast Lighting product. Forecast has a team of individuals that travels the world to spot lighting trends so that your fixture stands out. You can be confident that when you shop Forecast Lighting bathroom fixtures, you're buying a modern fixture to make your bathroom stand out.

Forecast Lighting Hollywood Retro Pendant Popular Collections

Feeling like a Hollywood star? Forecast Lighting has a collection of lights that will make you shine. Hollywood Hills by Forecast Lighting features an artistic retro look that is sure to make any guest feel like you have rolled out the red carpet. From an outdoor post to wall sconce to ceiling fixture, this collection has it all.

If you are looking for a more contemporary and modern look, check out the Urban Oasis collection from Forecast Lighting. This collection utilizes a beautiful beige artisan paper that will bring a warm glow to any room.

When you're ready to let your lighting add a beautiful modern look to your home, consider Forecast Lighting at


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