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A fan company developed from a dream and a relentless attitude to strive to create top fan products, Fanimation went from one man to a reputable manufacturer. As the weather becomes warmer and the desire to find energy saving ways to cool down living spaces increases, the more apt Fanimation has become in designing their fantastic functioning fans.

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Fanimation Cooling Options

Check out the possibilities to increase the comfort level of your home inside and out as the days begin to warm up:

We all know adding fans to our homes helps our rooms stay cool and comfortable, but have you considered adding a fan to your outdoor seating areas? Extend the time you can sit outside on your front porch or outdoor living area by installing a Fanimation outdoor ceiling fan. With the elements of the outdoors considered in the design of each fan, you can choose from a variety of great looking fans so that you can stay comfortable. As the fan moves the air about on your porch, you will feel the added comfort to sit out and enjoy a great Summer day. The fan simulates the feeling of a wonderful Spring time breeze.

Cool down your home and upgrade your home by installing a new indoor ceiling fan. Fanimation offers ceiling fans that add a touch of flare and function to any room. Now you can install a fan that works with your home's decor and style. From the traditional to the uniquely creative designs, you will find that these fans from Fanimation move a great amount of air and use a little amount of energy. An added bonus to these upgraded fans is that they look awesome when they are not running. Make a bold statement in your home and install a fan with a twist for flare.

Fanimation LK122Many times we want a little extra air movement but do not want to make a permanent installation. Putting a portable fan in your room allows you to enjoy the cooler air without having to have it in your room all year round. Fanimation has taken portable fans to a new level by making them a work of art in your room rather than an eyesore. Now portable fans can be like adding a piece of art rather than just a tool to stay cooler in the Summer.

Ceiling fans are much better additions if they have a complementary light to go with it. Fanimation light kits add aerial lighting to your room and look great with your ceiling fans. Choose from the standard glass globe or the multi-light option based upon the style of your fan. Most homes can always benefit from extra lighting, so check out whether or not you would like to add light kit to your fan.

Enhance your living spaces today with a fabulous addition of a ceiling fan or portable fan by Fanimation. You will be basking in the pleasant environment of your home or outside on your porch. Explore the selection of Fanimation products here at


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