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  • Shop Bathroom Fixtures
    Eurofase Lighting Bathroom Fixtures Bathroom Fixtures

    Eurofase bathroom lights come in both bar and sconce configurations. They range in design style from the contemporary to the modern.

  • Shop Chandeliers
    Eurofase Lighting Chandeliers Chandeliers

    Explore Eurofase chandeliers for that "wow" factor design or for a homey, cozy look. Many Eurofase chandeliers were designed as requested by celebrities and celebrity designers.

  • Shop Ceiling Fixtures
    Eurofase Lighting Ceiling Fixtures Ceiling Fixtures

    Eurofase Lighting ceiling fixtures are available in flushmount and semi-flush configurations. They are available in contemporary, traditional, transitional, and crystal designs.

  • Shop Wall Lights
    Eurofase Lighting Wall Lights Wall Lights

    From the subtle to the dazzlingly spectacular, find your design style in the Eurofase wall lights line.

  • Shop Pendants
    Eurofase Lighting Pendants Pendants

    Eurofase strives for and succeeds in developing pendant lights that are both technically sound and aesthetically pleasing. Many of them are 2 in 1 products that can be converted into flushmounts.

  • Shop Island / Billiard Fixtures
    Eurofase Lighting Island / Billiard Fixtures Island / Billiard Fixtures

    Eurofase island and billiard lights can single-handedly transform your space into an ultra-modern loft, a traditional cabin, or anything in between.

  • Shop Lamps
    Eurofase Lighting Lamps Lamps

    Eurofase offers both floor and table lamps. They are available in a wide range of styles and many can be customized by changing out the shade.

  • Shop Outdoor Lighting
    Euorfase Outdoor Lighting Outdoor Lighting

    Transform your yard, driveway, or entry with in-ground, landcape, and surface mount light solutions by Eurofase Lighting.

  • Shop Accent / Spot Lights
    Eurofase Lighting Accent / Spot Lights Accent / Spot Lights

    Eurofase offers a variety of picture lights, wall-mount accent lighting, ceiling-mount spot and accent lights, as well as furniture lights.

  • Shop Recessed Lighting
    Eurofase Lighting Recessed Lighting Recessed Lighting

    Recessed lighting products are a great way to bring task lighting to a room without dominating the d├ęcor. Eurofase Lighting offers some of the most advanced recessed lighting in the industry.

  • Shop Track Lighting
    Eurofase Lighting Track Lighting Track Lighting

    Eurofase track systems offer a lot of variability and can be altered to fit nearly any design request.

  • Shop Under Cabinet
    Eurofase Lighting Under Cabinet Under Cabinet

    Under cabinet lights by Eurofase are offered in a variety of sizes as well as configurations: from mini-lights to strip, and tape lighting. They are the perfect way to provide task and ambient lighting.

About Eurofase Lighting

Eurofase Lighting 12265-015

The lighting for today's contemporary home can take many forms, looks, and styles. If you are looking for a fantastic balance between form and function in interior lighting with a distinct contemporary twist, consider Eurofase Lighting, available at

Bright and beautiful contemporary designs are what await you with a Eurofase Lighting fixture. For over 20 years, Eurofase has been dedicated to providing lighting products for the home. And the brand has become a favorite among homeowners and professional designers everywhere. Eurofase Lighting continues to seek new and innovative ways to brighten the living spaces in your home with recessed lighting, track lighting, island lighting, under cabinet lighting, and accent lights, as well as chandeliers, bathroom lights, and pendant lighting.

Eurofase Kitchen Lighting

As the new centerpiece of today's home, the kitchen deserves lighting that brightens with stunning good looks. Eurofase Lighting features a number of different lighting types for the kitchen. One type is recessed lighting, a simple and effective way to add unique brightness to the kitchen. Eurofase recessed lighting comes in a wide range of different sizes, from 3 1/4-inch trims and housings to 8-inch trims and housings. Look for recessed lighting from Eurofase to come in a few styles that are even more unique, like those with LED lighting, in-floor recessed lighting, and fixtures with multiple bulbs.Eurofase Lighting 16026

Track lighting is another way to add focal point-worthy lighting to a kitchen. Eurofase track lighting is as close to customizable as it gets, as the tracks can be bent to take virtually any shape, and the lights can be fixed to direct light anywhere.

An island fixture is another beautiful and unique way to brighten a kitchen. Eurofase Lighting island fixtures (also sometimes referred to as billiard fixtures) are typically placed over something rectangular in shape and focus the light downward. Island fixtures from Eurofase Lighting provide a striking design statement when placed over a kitchen island, dining room table, or billiard table.

One of Eurofase Lighting's most popular products is under cabinet lighting. These fixtures are easy to mount beneath your kitchen cabinets, and they offer brilliant task lighting at the kitchen counters. Eurofase under cabinet lighting is also very efficient, thanks to its LED lighting. Choose from single puck lights and a puck light system to rectangular under cabinet lights with multiple LED light sources.

Accent lighting is another way Eurofase provides illumination for the contemporary kitchen. These fixtures are mounted right at the ceiling and can include one light or multiple lights that are fixed to point in nearly any direction.

Eurofase Lighting Style

While Eurofase Lighting features a number of different ways to brighten the kitchen, it also provides lighting for the rest of the home. A chandelier is the best and most effective way to brighten a larger living space. From a three-light mini chandelier (ideal for a kitchen nook) to a multi-tier fixture with over a dozen lights, Eurofase Lighting chandeliers can be placed in an entryway, dining room, or great room.Eurofase Lighting 12899

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in the home you can take this opportunity to make a design statement. Eurofase Lighting bathroom fixtures are crafted to do just that, while providing a flattering light. Eurofase one- and two-light fixtures are great additions to a bathroom wall as a complementary light source. Other bathroom fixtures (with up to six lights) are fantastic vanity fixtures above the bathroom mirror.

Pendant lighting is another very unique way to brighten a living space. Eurofase Lighting pendants feature the perfect blend of form and function; they will illuminate the space they are in while making an unmistakable design statement. Go small with a single-light mini pendant that is great for task lighting. Or, a Eurofase Lighting bowl pendant uses a bowl-shaped glass shade to spread the ample light around a space. Lastly are the pendants that set Eurofase Lighting apart from other lighting manufacturers. One of the most striking and unique pendants is the three-light medium pendant from the Melody collection (the Eurofase Lighting 17733).

If you are considering a Eurofase Lighting fixture, coordinate a particular theme throughout multiple rooms by shopping by popular collection. Its Dakota collection is all about bathroom lighting. The bar vanity fixtures come with up to six lights and provide ample lighting for the entire bathroom. Single- and double-light bathroom fixtures from the Eurofase Dakota collection can be placed on bathroom walls as complementary lights.

One of Eurofase Lighting's most complete collections is its Melosa collection. This well-rounded family features lighting for just about every room in the home. Choose from track lighting, recessed lighting, chandeliers, lamp lighting, and pendants. The Eurofase Lighting Melosa collection is highlighted by intricate cut-outs on the shades as a contemporary re-interpretation of a traditional design element.

When you are ready to add beautiful contemporary lighting to your home that stands out as a visual focal point, consider Eurofase Lighting. Shop for everything Eurofase.

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