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About ELK Lighting

Accessorize your home with a beautiful and stunning lighting fixture today. Incorporate lighting into your home as if your dressing up a room from a standard living space into a magnificent abode. Enhance your lifestyle by incorporating a lighting fixture that is synonymous with sophistication and class. ELK Lighting designs lighting for the purely domestic and the worldly commercial monuments. Do not just purchase a light fixture; purchase a light fixture that is internationally renowned like ELK Lighting. Please read further to see how ELK Lighting will beautify your home.

ELK Lighting Options

ELK Lighting 7635/3 Rethink how you incorporate chandeliers into a room. ELK Lighting chandeliers are wondrous works of art that can greatly enhance a kitchen island area, a reading nook, or even a bedroom. For a kitchen, consider the Elysburg collection because of its sleek and clean lines that will incorporate well into the look of your appliances. The chandelier will seamlessly blend in and keep your eye moving throughout the cooking and baking area. For a bedroom, consider the Circeo collection with its elegant details and candelabra style. The glistening crystals and metals will brighten up your bedroom space to create an elegant and knightly feel. ELK chandeliers dress up a room and encourage your eyes to enjoy the ambiance the light fixture emits.

Ceiling fixtures can add a touch of flare to a bedroom. ELK Lighting ceiling lights are incredibly unique and turn lighting into a novelty piece and are not just a tool to light up your room. Particularly if you are looking to add a light fixture that matches the theme of your child's bedroom, ELK Lighting has designed a large and an incredible selection of fun light fixtures from sports themed, space themed, and plane and train themed. Or maybe you are looking to add a spectacular looking ceiling fixture to your den or hallway? ELK has also design some magnificent looking lights. For instance, the Providence collection is sparkling and ornate, while the Molecular collection is scientifically interesting. ELK ceiling lights keep your rooms bright, beautiful, and fun.

ELK Lighting 5112/1Dress up a table or kitchen island with a gorgeous pendant. ELK Lighting pendants range from a colorful glass shade of multiple shapes and designs to an uniquely ornate fixture that is reminiscent of a tropical forest. ELK even designs fun novelty pendants such as a skateboard pendant, sports pendants, and motorcycle and car pendants. Incorporate a fun pendant into your den or bonus room with an extraordinary ELK pendant.

Adding sophisticated lighting to your home's exterior is also rather important. ELK Lighting outdoor fixtures enhance your home's front porches and front yards with a simple lighting upgrade. Whether you are looking to switch out a dated outdoor wall light or are looking to install some additional lighting. Outdoor post lights and pendants allow you to increase lighting and incorporate a less common fixture to your home's outdoor areas. An outdoor pendant classes up your porch instantly and easily. ELK outdoor lights keep you and your guests safe and draws attention to your home's style.

Popular ELK Lighting Collections

Shopping via styles can help you make interior designing easier. Explore some of the ways you can shop for lighting and keep consistency in your home's decor and style.

Elysburg Collection 7635/3

For modern and sleek designs that add a subtle charm to your rooms and walls, ELK Lighting Elysburg collection is a fabulous option. Defined by the triangular-shaped glass shades and the arching metal design. Available in both the uber modern polished chrome or the aged bronze for a slightly more antique feel. The most popular fixture from the Elysburg collection is the lovely 3-light chandelier with its beautiful chrome finish and soft up lighting shades.

Elk Lighting 8056/10+5

For ornate and intricately designed lighting fixtures, ELK Lighting Circeo collection incorporates the beautiful aspects of crystals, candle lights, and metal details. Mimicking a leaf and feather style in the crystals, the Circeo fixtures are glorious. Available in a variety of options from the elaborate 15-light chandelier to a subtle ceiling fixture, you will be excited to incorporate an elegant fixture into your home with the simple addition of a light. For a more romantic and Victorian feel, ELK's Circeo collection is a perfect choice.

Elk Lighting 5099/1

For fun and exotic styled light fixtures, ELK Lighting Novelty collection makes lighting fun and different. You no longer just have to had a ceiling fixture or pendant light for necessary lighting, instead, incorporating a themed light or a light shaped as a plane or a train can drastically change the look and feel of your room. Do you have a child who loves sports or skateboarding? ELK's Novelty collection has a light for them! Explore the cool lighting fixtures that we offer at LightingShowplace.com.

Elk Lighting 10077/6

For natural and earthy styled fixtures, ELK Lighting Geologic collection incorporates the softer colors in each glass shade. The swirly greens, oranges, and blues create an enchanting feeling as the light emanates from the lovely fixture. Choose from single pendants to up to six down light pendants and your will surely enjoy the wonderful feeling each fixture provides.

No matter which ELK Lighting fixture grabs your attention and desires, you will be excited to install one of their lights into your home. Such a fabulous manufacturer with incredible designs that will make your life more sophisticated and help you to rethink how you incorporate a light into your home. Enjoy your time exploring our selection of ELK Lighting here at LightingShowplace.com.


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