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Stained glass is an art that adds an amazing value to any home. When it's combined with lighting fixtures, you get something truly memorable. Dale Tiffany lighting fixtures are the product of a century-old process, and the result is a product that adds artistry to any room it touches.

Dale Tiffany Ashford Chandelier

Dale Tiffany artisans employ the handcrafted process devised by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the late 1800s, a stained glass technique called the "copper foil" method. This meticulous process ensures each Dale Tiffany stained glass lighting fixture has maximum beauty, and no two fixtures are ever alike. You can find all Dale Tiffany stained glass lighting fixtures at LightingShowplace.com.

Chandeliers are arguably the most versatile lighting fixtures around. And Dale Tiffany chandeliers are made even more unique. From exquisite crystal-themed chandeliers featuring crystal pendants to fixtures that include blown glass shades, a Dale Tiffany chandelier can easily become the focal point in any room. Let a larger chandelier brighten an entryway, great room, or dining room, or place a smaller chandelier above a kitchen nook for the perfect light.

Pendant lights from Dale Tiffany are different from other pendants, including two distinct styles of mini pendants. Single light mini pendants offer a great form of task lighting, and larger mini pendants with multiple lights broaden that light just a bit. Bowl pendants produce a beautiful and wide light, thanks to their bowl-shaped glass shades. Expect a Dale Tiffany bowl pendant to become the focal point in any room, like a kitchen, entryway, or living room.

Dale Tiffany Mission Cam Torchiere

Ceiling lights have a function in nearly every room, and Dale Tiffany ceiling lights combine artistic beauty with flawless functionality. Choose from flushmount ceiling lights or semi-flushmount ceiling lights for your hallway, kitchen, home office, bedroom, or bathroom.

Wall sconces offer the perfect light. If you need a subtle and complementary light or you're searching for an accent piece, a Dale Tiffany wall sconce is a fine choice. Place a wall washer wall sconce in a hallway to bathe the area with light. And a wall sconce with an arm is perfect in a larger room as a secondary light source or accent light.

If there's a type of light that can be used in most any room, it's a lamp. And if there's a way to make lamps even more beautiful, it's by adding a Dale Tiffany lamp. Add a table lamp to a bedroom or living room. A desk lamp is optimized to provide task lighting to an office desk. A buffet lamp is usually slightly taller than a table lamp and provides more illumination. And because buffet lamps typically include more design elements, they are usually reserved for well-traveled areas that could benefit from artistry, like an entryway table.

Dale Tiffany is proud to offer its stained glass lighting fixtures. Since each product is handmade, each is distinctly unique. Dale Tiffany lighting fixtures can be found right here at LightingShowplace.com.

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