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Did you know that running a ceiling fan can potentially make you feel up to 10 degrees cooler and save upwards to 40% of your cooling costs? Additionally, running your ceiling fan in reverse during the winter helps push the warm air down and recirculate it throughout the room. Purchasing ENERGY STAR-labeled fans will help keep costs down and ensure you're getting the most out of your fan. Knowing all of these amazing and cost-saving features of a fan, don't you think it's time you purchase a Concord fan from today?

Concord Ceiling Fans

Concord ceiling fans come in a wide variety of finishes and styles to match the decor of any home. Whether you live in apartment or a countryside cottage, these fans' time-tested designs will welcome and delight your visitors with a breeze and a beautiful look. All Concord fans come equipped with three speeds - high, medium, and low. Also, as mentioned earlier, they are reversible to provide circulation of warm air in the colder months. All Concord ceiling fans (with the exception of the Nauitka series) are light kit adaptable (light kits are sold separately).

A common complaint about ceiling fans is the noise and hums they can create. Concord uses precisely manufactured triple capacitors that are UL tested and approved to ensure its fans are quiet during operation. Additionally, if you're planning to use the fan outdoors, be sure to check the UL listing to make sure it is suitable for a wet location. Concord has travelled down every path to ensure that you get the best ceiling fan possible.

To complete your interior decor, Concord has developed a line of indoor lighting products to help you decorate and match the finishes of its fans. Its lineup of bathroom fixtures, ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, and pendants are all beautifully crafted and finished to give your room a look that stands out.


Concord 52FEB5 Indoor/OutDoor Ceiling Fan from teh Fernlead Breeze Collection Concord 44MER6 Ceiling Fan from the Merlonn Collection
Concord 36MA5 Ceiling Fan from the Madison Collection Concord 42HES4E Ceiling Fan from teh Commerical Select Collection

Chandeliers are an excellent way to add elegance and luxury to any room. Typically used in large rooms with high ceilings, these lighting fixtures not only provide light but also an extravagant decoration to the room. However, chandeliers can also be used in smaller rooms to provide extra light and décor to a room. For instance, adding a chandelier to a kitchen or dining room with a high ceiling can provide just the right look that you are searching for.

Be sure to check out our page here about shopping for a ceiling fan. This page provides the basics about ceiling fan size, placement, motors, fan types, lighting options, speed, controls, and tips on maintaining and buying a fan. Once you have checked out the basics, check out the ceiling fans that Concord offers at

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