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  • Troy Lighting F2634

    Troy Lighting F2634

    Wyland 3 Light Hand-Forged Iron 16.6" Pendant

    $1,068.00 $534.00
    • Height: 16.6
    • Light Direction: Down Lighting
    • Pendant Size: Large Pendants
    • Width: 23.25

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Use this field to narrow your Pendant selection by the maximum price.

Indoor / Outdoor

Indoor / Outdoor

Indoor / Outdoor

Indoor / Outdoor:

Use this option to select whether you are looking for an Indoor Pendant or an Outdoor Pendant.

UL Listing

UL Listing

UL Wet

UL Wet Location:

Wet rated Pedants can be placed in locations where they will be in direct contact with water.

UL Damp

UL Damp Location:

Damp rated Pendants are designed to be installed in locations where they will not be in direct contact with water but may experience damp conditions due to condensation or other indirect water contact.

UL Dry

UL Dry Location:

Dry location fixtures should only be installed in locations where they will experience no contact with water



Contemporary / Modern Pendant

Contemporary / Modern Pendants:

Contemporary fixtures will generally feature hard lines and bright finishes such as nickels and silvers.

Asian / Oriental Style Pendant

Asian Pendants:

Asian styled fixtures generally have a solid base with smooth flowing lines to accent the fixtures in a very specific manner.

Mission / Craftsman Pendant

Craftsman / Mission Pendants:

Mission or craftsman style lighting are usually identified by an almost hand made look. Generally featuring hard lines near the top or or base of the fixture

Traditional / Classic Pendant

Traditional / Classic Pendants:

Traditional styled pendants are defined by having smooth scrolling and symmetrically curved arms. However they may also feature classic bell shaped shades and round or elongated protruding backplates.



Narrowing by Finish

Shopping by Finish

Because there are so many unique finishes offered by the manufacturers we carry, we have grouped them into common tones to more easily allow you to find the finish you're looking for.



Whether you have a favorite lighting brand or are trying to match lighting that you currently own, you can use this field to narrow your selection down to your preferred bathroom fixture manufacturer.

Shape of Shade

Shape of Shade

Bell Shade Pendant

Bell Shade Pendants:

Bell shades typically will be narrow where they attach to the fixture tapering to a wider opening for the bulb.

Cone Shade Pendant

Cone Shade Pendants:

Cone or Pyramid shades will have a narrow top or bottom with a straight edge opening to a wider area for the bulb.

Cylinder Shade Pendant

Cylinder Shade Pendants:

Cylinder shades are round straight shades that predominantly project light in one direction.

Oval Shade Pendant

Oval Shade Pendants:

The oval shape of these shades is in reference to the opening itself and are generally more narrow than typical shades.

Rectangular Shade Pendant

Rectangular Shade Pendants:

Rectangular or square shades are classically associated with contemporary, art deco and asian styling.

Drum Shade Pendant

Drum Shade Pendants:

Drum shades are becoming more and more popular, generally used to accent traditionally classy rooms.

Light Direction

Light Direction

Ambient Lighting Pendant

Ambient Lighting Pendants:

Ambient Lighting pendants are designed to put out light in all directions and will generally have either no shade or use a partially or completely translucent shade made of glass or other material.

Down Lighting Pendant

Down Lighting Pendants:

Down Lighting pendants are designed to splay most, if not all, of the light downwards. Use of these pendants will sometimes meet Dark Sky rating standards.

Up / Down Lighting Pendant

Up / Down Lighting Pendants:

Up / Down lighting pendants are different from ambient as most of them are designed to splay lights in up and down directions however, in most cases, not to the sides.

Up Lighting Pendant

Up Lighting Pendants:

Up Lighting pendants are pendants that are designed to splay light above the fixture and work well for pendants that are hung below light colored ceilings.

Bulb Type

Bulb Type

Compact Fluorescent (CFL)

Compact Fluorescent (CFL)

CFL bulbs are more and more frequently becoming the norm in the American household. With their long life span and bright shades CFL's are always a good option if you want a fixture that performs and saves you money every year.



Fluorescent tubes are common in the GU configuration and will almost always come accompanied with a Title 24 Rating.



Halogen bulbs are known for their brightness and long life spans. Although these bulbs get quite hot they are a good solution if you are looking for ample amounts of light.

Incandescent or Fluorescent

Incandescent or Fluorescent

We have combined all the fixtures that can use either a CFL or a standard incandescent bulb into one simple location so you can choose whether you would like a more traditional setup or an energy saving CFL configuration.

Xenon / Krypton

Xenon / Krypton

Much like their halogen counterparts are extremely bright bulbs with long lifespans that will use a Xenon or Krypton gas inside the bulb.

Number of Bulbs

Number of Bulbs

Selecting the Number of Bulbs

Selecting the Number of Bulbs

Use this section to select the number of bulbs that you prefer your fixture to have. Once you select a given range you will be able to narrow it down further to a specific number of bulbs.

For example, if you are shopping for a 2 light fixture you will want to select "0-3 Lights", and then "2 Bulbs" in the "Bulb Count" section on the next screen.

Watts Per Bulb




Pendant Width:

Width of Pendant

The width of the pendant is determined by the width of the widest part of the fixture, generally the shade. Shade width within pendants is sometimes referred to as Shade Diameter or Pendant Diameter.

Room Fit

Canopy Width


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