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For lighting to brighten your home, you could choose any brand. But if you'd rather make a statement with focal point-worthy lighting that inspires an entire living space, check out Artcraft Lighting at

Artcraft Lighting is a brand that specializes in providing the latest trends in indoor and outdoor lighting. Since its beginnings in 1955, Artcraft Lighting has followed the ideals of honesty, creativity, pride, and integrity. The brand maintains these beliefs, and the lighting fixtures add artistry to any room in the home. Choose from Artcraft Lighting fixtures such as ceiling fixtures, pendants, chandeliers, wall sconces, bathroom lighting, kitchen lighting, and outdoor lighting.

Ceiling fixtures have a job to do in every room,so why not make them memorable? Artcraft ceiling fixtures are ideal for primary lighting in a hallway, kitchen, entryway, guest room, bathroom, or home office, and they're available in either flush mount or semi-flush mount varieties.

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Artcraft pendants have a distinct look that will definitely reflect into a centerpiece for the spaces they're placed in. Foyer pendants are designed to illuminate an entryway, single-light mini pendants provide ideal task lighting, and an Artcraft bowl pendant uses its bowl-shaped glass shade to spread light throughout a room.

Artcraft Lighting AC1711If you want the most effective way to provide primary light to a room, it has to be a chandelier. An Artcraft chandelier also adds an amazing look you'll be proud to show, and one that's bound to become a centerpiece. A chandelier from Artcraft with multiple tiers and up to 14 lights is perfect for a larger space (like a great room or entryway), while a smaller four- or five-light chandelier is ideal for a breakfast nook or kitchen island.

Artcraft wall sconces are a great value-add to any home that could benefit from a little extra light in the hallway or a secondary light in a larger room, like a great room. Wall lights from Artcraft have a distinct look that's bound to make a memorable first impression.

When you're in the bathroom preparing for the day or getting ready for bed at night, you need bathroom lighting that's flattering and effective. Artcraft bathroom lighting does this, while adding its own unique style. Artcraft vanity fixtures provide the ideal light just above the bathroom mirror, and single-light bathroom fixtures can be used on the wall in a larger bathroom as a secondary light.

Because the kitchen is arguably the busiest room in the home, it makes sense to give it helpful lighting. Artcraft track lighting is practically customizable. From the bendable tracks to the lights being able to point in any direction, create the lighting exactly the way you want.

Another form of kitchen lighting is the island fixture (sometimes also called a billiard fixture). Artcraft island fixtures come with up to six lights and are rectangular shaped. These are perfect for placement over something similarly shaped, like a kitchen island, billiard table, or dining room table.

Artcraft Lighting AC8461BZOutdoor lighting from Artcraft is essential to accomplishing a few things around the home. First, it provides added visibility. That visibility then translates into upgraded security around the home. And Artcraft outdoor lighting also gives your home an instant boost in curb appeal and overall value. Outdoor wall sconces provide fantastic illumination around your front door, and outdoor ceiling fixtures and outdoor pendants are the perfect complements. Finally, outdoor post lights from Artcraft illuminate any tricky spots when your guests are walking to and from their cars at night.

Artcraft Lighting also features a few very popular collections for coordinated lighting throughout the home. The hosts from the popular show, Designer Guys, are behind the idea of the Steven and Chris suite of lighting. Within this suite are a number of very popular collections, including the contemporary-themed Morocco collection and the transitional-themed Mercer Street collection.

Other additional popular families by Artcraft include the bold Orlando collection and the simple and minimalist Clip Flush collection of flush mount and semi-flush mount ceiling fixtures.

When you're ready to add ideal illumination, as well as artistic lighting to upgrade your entire home, consider Artcraft Lighting. You can find all of Artcraft Lighting's products at


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