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  • Lite Source LSF-150

    Lite Source LSF-150

    Functional Clamp On Swing Arm Lamp from the Solare Collection

    $387.00 $172.00
    • Collection: Solare
    • Watts Per Bulb: 15
    • Task Light: Yes
    • Light Direction: Down Lighting
    • Swing Arm: Yes
    • Masterfinish: Blacks, Whites
  • Kenroy Home 21448

    Kenroy Home 21448

    Tublette 1 Light Swing Arm Table Lamp

    $124.00 $62.00
    • Bulb Type: Fluorescent
    • Height: 52
    • Wattage: 13
  • Lite Source LS-21560C/WHT

    Lite Source LS-21560C/WHT

    1 Light Adjustable Table Lamp with White Fabric Shade from the Karm Collection

    $479.25 $213.00
    • Wattage: 13
  • Lite Source LSC-163

    Lite Source LSC-163

    Combination 1 Light Clamp-On Lamp

    $405.00 - $450.00
    $180.00 - $200.00
    • Collection: Combination
    • Voltage: 120
    • Length: 29.5
    • Location Rating: Dry Location
    • Width: 10.25
    • Bulb Base: Fluorescent Pin, Medium (E26)
  • Lite Source LS-22475

    Lite Source LS-22475

    Felicity 1 Light Swing Arm Lamp with Reading Light and Off-White Fabric Shade

    $441.00 $196.00
    • Wattage: 16
    • Height: 26
    • Shade Diameter: 13
    • Width: 13
  • Lite Source LS-22455

    Lite Source LS-22455

    Primavera 2 Light Swing Arm Table Lamp with Off-White Fabric Shade

    $486.00 $216.00
    • Wattage: 26
    • Height: 23
    • Shade Diameter: 14
    • Width: 10
  • Lite Source LS-22355

    Lite Source LS-22355

    Landon 1 Light Swing Arm Table Lamp with Drum Fabric Shade

    $360.00 - $398.25
    $160.00 - $177.00
    • Wattage: 13
    • Height: 21.5
    • Shade Diameter: 14
    • Width: 8
  • Lite Source LS-22312

    Lite Source LS-22312

    Karolina 1 Light Swing Arm Desk Lamp

    $110.25 $49.00
    • Bulb Type: Compact Fluorescent
    • Height: 18
    • Wattage: 13
  • Lite Source LS-22110

    Lite Source LS-22110

    Karsten 1 Light Swing Arm Lamp

    $114.75 $51.00
    • Bulb Type: Compact Fluorescent
    • Height: 21.25, 21.75
    • Wattage: 13
  • Lite Source LS-22063

    Lite Source LS-22063

    Tipfax 1 Light Swing Arm Lamp

    $141.75 $63.00
    • Bulb Type: Compact Fluorescent
    • Height: 28
    • Wattage: 13
  • Kenroy Home 21449

    Kenroy Home 21449

    Tublette 1 Light Swing Arm Floor Lamp

    $220.00 $110.00
    • Light Direction: Adjustable Lighting
    • Number Of Bulbs: 1
    • Height: 77
    • Wattage: 13
  • Cyan Design 05304-1

    Cyan Design 05304-1

    1 Light Table Lamp

    $305.25 $297.50
    • This item ships FREE!
    • Available in Chrome finish
    • Bulb Type: Compact Fluorescent, Incandescent
    • Wattage: 14

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Bulb Type

Bulb Type

-CFL bulbs are more and more frequently becoming the norm in the American household. With their long life span and bright shades CFL's are always a good option if you want a fixture that performs and saves you money every year. -Fluorescent tubes are common in bath bars and come in many different styles such as the most common T4 and T5 bulbs. -Halogen: these bulbs are known for their brightness and long life spans. Although these bulbs get quite hot they are a good solution if you are looking for ample amounts of light. -Incandescent or Fluorescent: We have combined all the fixtures that can use either a CFL or a standard incandescent bulb into one simple location so you can choose whether you would like a more traditional setup or an energy saving CFL configuration. -Xenon/Krypton: Much like their halogen counterparts are extremely bright bulbs with long lifespans that will use a Xenon or Krypton gas inside the bulb.

Number of Bulbs

Number of Bulbs

The number of bulbs on a fixture is important for both style and function. The number of bulbs can alter the amount of light given off, but so can the wattage of your bulbs. Make sure to keep any width limitations in mind while selecting your fixture.

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