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  • Shop Islands of Light Collection
    The Islands of Light Collection by A19 Islands of Light Collection A19's Islands of Light Collection is their most versatile line of lighting. Available in unfinished bisque, or with your choice of over 80 different glazes and finishes, you have many options to choose from.
  • Shop Studio Collection
    The Studio Collection by A19 Studio Collection The Studio Collection by A19 goes beyond lighting. These hand-made sconces and pendants are pieces of art, and superior in every detail. Using the finest glazes and materials, the Studio Collection surpasses all expectation, and is sure to create a focal point in any room it graces.
  • Shop Jewel Collection
    The Jewel Collection by A19 Jewel Collection Created from fused art glass and slip-cast, kiln-fired clay, and then finished in a lustrous satin white, A19's Jewel Collection is the perfect marriage of two mediums.
  • Shop Silhouette Collection
    The Silhouette Collection by A19 Silhouette Collection The Silhouette Collection by A19 is an experience in dramatic contrasts. Satin white ceramic bases, with reverse-painted silhouettes on a translucent white film, provide a world filled with both light and shadow. Choose from several pre-configured designs, or create your own. A19 will create custom silhouettes upon request, at extra charge. All Silhouette Collection lights are ADA Compliant.
  • Shop reFusion Collection
    reFusion Collection reFusion Collection The reFusion Collection is the recognition that reducing our ecological footprint is not only smart, it is also beautiful. Created with recycled glass, each piece is made to exacting standards, and their heavy-duty fired ceramic base assures that their beauty is only surpassed by their durability. Enhance your living environment with the organic textures, colors, and patterns of the reFusion Collection. Available in several different configurations, including Energy Star. All sconces in the reFusion Collection are ADA Compliant.
  • Shop Mosaic Collection
    The Mosaic Collection by A19 Mosaic Collection The Mosaic Collection by A19 mimics grout-filled tile mosaic artwork, with beautiful lines and bold colors. They are available in a variety of pre-configured glazes, or create your own combination for some one-of-a-kind artwork. Made of kiln-fired and glazed ceramic, they will last for years to come.
  • Shop Nature Collection
    The Nature Collection by A19 Nature Collection The Nature Collection from A19 features themes inspired by the world around us. Whether it be a tropical bamboo pendant, or a rugged sconce that appears to be made of a stone, the A19 Nature Collection will please you with it's attention to detail. All fixtures are made of ceramic and resist deterioration, unlike natural materials.

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